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    I'm going to need to see the full error. If you could expand the cell or hover your mouse over it that should show the full text. You should be able to select the cell and press Ctrl+C to copy paste it too.
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      Okay, try this one.




        Looks like 3rd party components. Have you installed 3rd party assemblies to your NinjaTrader? Please try removing them. Go to File->Utilities->Remove NinjaScript Assembly.
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          Originally posted by KBJ View Post
          Commented and cleaned up the code. I think you'll find it much easier to understand.
          Thanks guys for this indicator! was just noticing though that the chikou span line which is the price shifted back 26 is just missing the last period so that it is the price shifted back but without the current price. This can be significant if you are looking to trigger an order based on the chikou span crossing over something, because it will be one step behind. How can I change this so that it is the real-time reflection of the price and not the shadow of the close, or is this a real-time limitation of the charting?
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            I just got this message as an email from user 123r34:

            I use MT4 and it has a good version of Ichimoku. I also have a license for NT. I downloaded your version of Ichimoku from the shared indicators site. I think you presented it last year. Is this the latest version or has there been any updates that you know of since then?

            Thank you

            Although I do accept emails on various topics, I think it's more appropriate to answer this query here, where all forum members will be able to see my reply.

            So, Mark, thanks for the interest.

            My own particular contributions were in mainly making the code more understandable by simplifying it where possible and in applying my own unique style of commenting it nearly to death. At the time I was trying to figure out what the Ichimoku really did (i.e., I was trying to understand the math in relation to market price movements), and once I'd done that I thought I'd save others the trouble of doing this all over again.

            But in looking at it again, I guess there was a bit more that I did, since the Plot method that JC_Fernandes originally used was one that I spent over a week debugging over a year earlier in the Summer of 2007 (when JC asked for it, I posted it and later deleted it because the client I wrote it for reminded me that it was supposed to be proprietary -- nevertheless the design and code is now part of a number of other people's indicators including this one and roonius's SlingShot - of course my work at the time was based on the Plot method found in uacvax's earlier conversions of the TRO indicators - thanks Josh.)

            Since then I haven't done much with the indicator or the code. Although a few others have found my Plot method that I did to be useful because it colors in between two lines and displays in two different colors.

            Please note that if you click on the forum's "Search" button and look for "Ichimoku" you'll currently find a dozen threads which discuss the Ichimoku and one in particular entitled Ichimoku Additions is quite recent and looks interesting, although I haven't tried it yet (and I guess I should feel complimented that it, too, includes my original Plot method code to color in the "cloud" - including comments and typos and all not just once, but twice.)


              26 displacement forward

              Hello , I was under the impression that the Cloud (span a and b ) needs to be 26 periods ahead as well . I see the you reset the CH line but, when I try to put the displacement 26 periods forward for the cloud the other two lines go with it . can someone assist me on how I can move the span a and b 26 forward with out moving T and K lines .
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                Originally posted by DinoSchu View Post
                Hello , I was under the impression that the Cloud (span a and b ) needs to be 26 periods ahead as well . I see the you reset the CH line but, when I try to put the displacement 26 periods forward for the cloud the other two lines go with it . can someone assist me on how I can move the span a and b 26 forward with out moving T and K lines .
                Dear DinoSchu,

                please download the latest Indi here:

                This file spreads the Indikator in two Indikators. After installing the script go to "Indicator" and choose the "IchiCloud" and set the Displacement to 26. After that choose the "IchiLines" and change nothing there.

                Now you have your future cloud and the other lines. I checked the Indi with the Ichimoku from my MT4 Platform and the values are the same.

                Good job here.



                  Thank you for your post . I have ninja 7 . I already used that indicator and it works great . Problem is your cannot backtest in 6.5 without paying for it . Ninja 7 you can back test for free . If anyone creates this indicator for 6.5 or has any suggestions on how to convert that would be of much help .


                    IchiCloud Disappears > Displacement of 20

                    Hi All

                    Using NT7 & Uploaded the Ichimoku2 indicator from this forum (thanks for the upload!). I'm setting the IchiCloud displacement to 26 (as it should be). The cloud appears initially, however, after scrolling the chart towards the left to see earlier bars, the cloud magically disappears. The following message appears in the log.

                    "Error on plotting indicator 'IchiCloud'. Please check the "OnBarUpdate' or the 'Plot' method: Index was out of range. Must be a non-negative and less than the size of the collection."

                    (screen shot attached).

                    Bizarrely, if the displacement is set at 20 or below, the IchiCloud stays. For any number above 20, it appears and once you start scrolling to the left, it disappears!

                    Can anyone help please?
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                      Reply to Ninja & Ichimuku

                      Indtrader ,

                      Hello , I ran into the same problem . The Ninja 6.5 Ichimuku you need to set the cloud displacment becuase it is broken into to indicators . The cloud and then line K,C,T serperate . So in that case you set the cloud to 26 periods .

                      In Ninja 7 version it all one indicator and the displacement is built into the indicator. So dispacement is set to 0 or else all the lines will be way out of wack .

                      My interest in Ichimuku is personal , but i am a broker at Amp Trading and this is our platform . If you are still running into trouble and you want me to log on to your computer to check it , I can . [email protected] . I think that what I said above is correct though and you should be alright. Good Luck


                        Ichicloud issue solved

                        Thanks Dinochu.

                        I kept playing around with it and managed to solve it. The issue was that I wasn't using enough bars for my data. Once I expanded the number of bars from 365 to 2000, and scrolled back, the cloud stays intact. Only when you get to the start of the data range, and it doesn't have the right amount of data to calculate, the cloud disappears. So its sorted for now.

                        Need to look for the Radarscreen (Tradestation) equivalent in Ninjatrader now


                          Is there a manual that can help accessing this indicators variables from a strategy?
                          Thanks in advance

                          Good job by the way


                            Ichimoku indicator

                            I am new to NT7. Looking for indicator. I have doenload zip from forum but con't have install instructions. Ned help installing indicator. Thx


                              how to install Ichimoku indicator from zip?


                                Hello ...
                                Using Ichimoku indicator and my problem is, does not draw the lines ahead of the price, which kumo vision is real, but partial, and no periods plotted p2 forward, which will limit a major trading signal.
                                As I can fit this?
                                thanks ....


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