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Dr. A. Elders Impuls System

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    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for your reply.

    If, when you apply the strategy, you move your mouse over the the parameter names of HTFType, HTFperiod, TradeTimeBegin, and TradeTimeEnd, it will display a "tooltip" that shows what values mean what. For example if you move the mouse over the work HTFType, you will see displayed "Which type of higher time frame to use, 0=none, 1=second, 2=minute, 3=daily, 4=week, 5=month, 6=year, 7=tick, 8=range, 9=volume"

    So HTFtype is what bar type to use for the higher time frame.

    HTFPeriod would be the bar size specification

    As an example for a 30 minute bar type you would enter 2 for HTFType and 30 for HTFPeriod.

    The start/end times are the hour and minute to start and end trading, IE 0830 (8:30 AM) to 1400 (2:00PM).

    If you have further questions on the function of the strategy, you may want to PM member Shodson who wrote the strategy.

    Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Originally posted by Mykro View Post

      I figured out how to use Google 20 years ago..

      All I need is a bit of clarification.. Let me rephrase my last post... How do you work the strategy based on it's properties..? Please...

      Thank You..

      I'm not sure what "work a strategy" means, so I will guess that you are asking how to run the strategy in NT8 so it will automatically trade, and here are some answers.



        Thank You Gentlemen,


          Hi Guys,

          Can someone help me please? I'm using this addon for Elder's system impulso because the file shared in this forum is only for NT 7 ( https://ninjatraderecosystem.com/use...ulse-system-2/ ). My problem is that when i use this addon my screen is painted with some colors bur i understood that this strategy was for paint bars like descripve elder's system. Also, when i apply this strategy always open a transaction with one contract and i am confused with this addon.

          Can you help me please?


            Hello davidjaramillo,

            Thanks for your post.

            In the NT7 strategy (which the NT8 version was converted from) the description provides two links for the strategy. I do not know why the description was not copied to the NT8 version.
            For your convenience here is the NT7 description with links:

            Elder Impulse trading system. Includes support for a second, higher time frame period for determining trend and momentum. The background is painted pink when the higher time frame trend and momentum is down, and green when it is up. The rules for entering and exiting a trade are described here on Investopedia and Stockcharts.com.

            Please note that the NT7 strategy (which was originally posted in the forums download section) was provided by member shodson to begin with and this was converted to NinjaTrader8 by us as a convenience to the community in the early days of the first release of NinjaTrader8. Member Shodson's original NT7 and the converted NT8 versions do not paint the bars.

            If you would like the strategy to paint the bars instead you are welcome to modify the open source code that is provided with the strategy. If you are not familiar with Ninjascript (based on C# programming language and would like it created for you as you wish, we can provide a link to 3rd party programmers in the NinjaTrader ecosystem to accomplish this.

            The strategy by default will place an order of 1 contract. If you would like the strategy to place more than one contract at a time, again, you can modify the code to accomplish this OR when you apply the strategy you can set the "default quantity" for each trade. The Default quantity parameter can be set in the section "order properties" which is currently set to "Strategy", if you click the drop down arrow you can select "Default quantity" which will then show another row with a numeric value that you can change for the default order quantity.

            Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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