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Possible to add secondary bar series with a specific Session Template?

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    Possible to add secondary bar series with a specific Session Template?


    I am wondering if it is possible to add a secondary Bar Series to an indicator that is of a different Session Template than the primary bar series?

    For example, if you had for the primary bar series the CME US INdex Futures ETH, but you wanted you secondary bar series to be the CME US INdex Futures RTH.

    Is this possible?

    Just as a note, for example, I know you can't add the same dataSeries to a chart. So you can't add the ES to a chart that is already the ES.

    I wanted to get some historical differences of the RTH vs. the ETH without having to script an indie that would do this.

    So I created another instrument, of the ES, that is the same data, but I named it ESFP. It's the same data as the ES.

    So that way I can put onto a chart the ES, and the ESFP, which are both the same data, but one has only RTH data.

    That way, it's pretty easy to reference the different values based on Time of Day.
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      Hello forrestang,

      It would not be possible to add a secondary series of the same instrument with a different session template.

      The rules are:

      "If a multi-series script adds an additional Bars object that already exists on the chart, the script will use the preexisting series instead of creating a new one to conserve memory. This includes that series' session template as applied from the chart. If the Bars object does not exist on the chart, the session template of the added Bars object will be the session template of the primary Bars object. If the primary Bars object is using the "<Use instrument settings>" session template then the additional Bars objects will use the default session templates as defined for their particular instruments in the Instrument Manager."

      This has been previous requested and I will be adding your vote toward adding this functionality.

      Using a different instrument as you have done on the chart might be able to do this, by using the desired session template as the default template for that instrument in the instrument manager.

      However, just a heads up, you may run in to issue with the data stopping for one instrument as two instruments are using the same symbol mapping.
      Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


        Thanks Chelsea.

        I figured the symbol mapping would be a problem for live data, but I'm more looking to do this just for historical data gathering.

        I'm really just looking for a simple way to pull information from many symbols over thousands of days of intraday data. But mainly data from different session templates. Like RTH Open vs. ETH Open, or Highs, from current and prior days, and just output this data to a file.

        So that I could use Bars.FirstBarofSession, or other easier to use NT functions. And have each session template tell me when it starts/stops, w/o having to think of a way to do all this manually on each bar calc.


          Hello forrestang,

          For historical, this method should work for what you are trying to do.
          Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


            Ok, so what I am wanting to do is add a secondary Bar series via an indicator.

            Like with this:

            For example, if I am using ES Data and a standard ETH template.

            If I then wanted to add either the ES data OR my fake ES data I mentioned above as a secondary bar series via "add()"... But with a RTH template.

            So that I can leverage the templates properties to pull data from both the ETH and RTH session.


              Hello forrestang,

              That will not be possible.

              You will not be able to select a session template after the bar series is added.

              As we have already discussed, you would need to create a second instrument and set the session template for this in the Instrument Manager.
              Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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