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Making an indicator with Chart Template

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    Making an indicator with Chart Template


    1.I create a chart template with only one minute time frame and save the same with the name "a".I have not added any indicator to the chart(niether overlaid on chart nor added in new panel).
    2.I wish to make use of this chart template named "a" and create an indicator out of it.How to do that?

    Kindly throw light on this.

    Hello profitabletrader306,

    Unfortunately, a template could not be made into an indicator.

    A template contains a saved set of indicators that would be applied to the chart along with chart properties such as the background and axis colors.

    An indicator, however, would plot or draw on the chart..

    Is the chart template insufficient for your needs?
    Can you clarify what you are trying to achieve?

    Below is a public link to the help guide on chart templates.
    Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks for your reply.
      Some of the chart template properties may be best utilised without having to go in to indicator programming.For e.g:
      1.I may create one minute and two minute chart of the same instruments through data series and the same can be seen in different panels.
      2.With this, it is possible to merge two minute chart with one minute chart and create a new chart.
      3.This chart may be saved as a template.
      4.This saved template if is used for additional plotting of indicator values on it,then it could create another way of study.
      5.But if the template is not available for use ,then it stops there only.
      I hope i am able to express myself ..
      Please let me know if i need to explain further.


        Hello profitabletrader306,

        Unfortunately, the added data series need to be added to the chart first, before the template can be applied.

        The chart template when saved with multiple series, will only be able to be applied to a chart that has the same number of added series.

        I will submit a feature request for the chart template to save the number of series and adjust the chart to have that number of series when applied. Once I have a tracking ID for this request I will forward this to you for future reference.

        It will not be possible to accomplish this with a custom coded indicator.

        The instrument, bar type, and interval are not saved with the chart template. This allows you to apply the chart template to any chart without it changing the instrument or bar type.

        Yes, you can change the interval and save a template, or add an additional series to the chart and save the template with two series, and apply the template to any chart that also has two series.

        Yes, chart templates will save any indicators that are applied to the chart. When the chart template is loaded on another chart, this will apply the indicators saved in that template to the chart.

        The template would only not be usable for a chart if the number of series does not match the number of series on the chart. If the template is saved with two series, any chart the template is applied to will also need to have two series.

        Otherwise the template can be applied to any chart that has the same number of series.
        Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Many Thanks for the reply and for making a request for addition of feature request applicable on a chart template.I will wait for the addition and may explore further possibilities in this.
          Thanks once again.


            Hello profitabletrader306,

            I have received tracking ID #SFT-3539 for your request to have multi Series Chart templates to automatically add additional data series.

            Please note it is up to the NinjaTrader Development to decide if or when any request will be implemented.

            We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.
            Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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