I would like to introduce new Volume Footprint implementation for NinjaTrader 6.

Volume Footprint® is a unique way to view price, bid, ask and volume together on the same chart while showing the relation between market powers as they change during the trading session.

Final Volume Footprint has been produced under license from MarketDelta, the originators of the Footprint Bid/Ask analysis concepts.

Footprint® Copyright 2007 MarketDelta. ALL RIGHT RESERVED

Feature list and screen shots.

The project is now in a state where is ready for beta and would like to invite experienced NinjaTrader customers to join the beta plan.

If you would like to join please drop me an email.

We hope to complete the beta phase in few weeks. Once ready the study will be available based on monthly subscription, (price not fixed yet, around $60 per month)

[email protected]