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IntSeries in the Data Box

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    IntSeries in the Data Box

    I would like to show an integer series in the data box, so I can see calculated values for each bar.

    I don't want to plot the values on the chart or below the chart, just see them in the databox.

    It seems that only plots are shown in the databox, so I used a DataSeries, which is a double.

    Then, if I want to hide the new plots, I set the color to transparent. If I do this then the new plots don't show in the databox.

    If I use a color (non transparent), then the new plots are visible but of course, it completely messes up my chart...and is unusable.

    Is what I'm trying to do possible?

    Is there a way to do it using only IntSeries and not DataSeries?

    Hello Turtle Trader,

    The only supported way to have a value show up in the Data Box that I am ware of.

    I will leave this thread open in case another user has had some experience with Data Box.

    Happy to be of further assistance.
    JCNinjaTrader Customer Service



      I don't mind using a DataSeries, even though I will only populate it with integers.

      The problem is....these plots need to be invisible, but still show up in the databox.

      Is that possible?


        TurtleTrader, some ideas would include a custom DrawTextFixed for example for your int values or using plots that have the same color as the background instead of the Transparent that the DataBox would not show.
        BertrandNinjaTrader Customer Service



          Thank you Bertrand,

          The setting the plots to the background color may work. I'll try it.

          Would be good if there was a "don't draw" attribute that still allowed the Data Box to show the values.

          DrawTextFixed? I don't understand how that would work as it is not a Series....

          I have 4 integer values for each bar that I want to store, and to show in the databox.

          If anyone has ideas let me know.


            IntSeries -- Please add to requested features

            actually, the best solution would be to have an attribute on IntSeries that allowed it to be shown in the DataBox

            That way, it expands the range of the DataBox to all Series and not just what is Plotted.

            Evidently now the DataBox is limited to a Plot.


              background color won't work

              actually, in my case, changing the background color of plots to hide them is not going to work...as on my charts the background color is dynamic...another indicator changes the color of the background to give alerts


                Hello Turtle Trader,

                You may try the DrawText() or DrawTextFixed() in your script.

                The DrawTextFixed() has 5 different options where you can display text like an Integer and would be a good option.

                The DrawText() can be used to display your integer on every bar but can be very resource intensive depending on how much data you are using.

                Let us know if either of those options will work for you.
                JCNinjaTrader Customer Service



                  no, those won't work....

                  because I don't want the integers on the chart....

                  but I need a way to make visible the integer data points that are associated with each bar, much like the data box does

                  just like that...it shows the plot series data at each individual bar...that is what I want to do, but not have the plot (or series) be visible

                  will see if anyone in BMT has a solution

                  thank you


                    Use a plot instead of an IntSeries, set AutoScale to false and set the plot color to transparent for all bars with the exception of the first 20 bars (with default value BarsRequried = 20).

                    A sample indicator is attached.
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