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Rainbow - The NinjaTrader enhancement plugin

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    Originally posted by Rainbow View Post
    Hi Taddypole,
    seeing how unhappy you are about not being able to debug with Rainbow installed ... I spent 3 hours today trying to figure out the cause. And here comes the good news: I fixed it! So the day when the 0.1.4 comes out will be your second Christmas.
    That's fantastic Lucas,

    At Least I won't have to uninstall Rainbow for debugging.

    As for the Red X... I trying Rainbow with a different indicator removed. From your posts, I was thinking the offending indicator might be a different than the one I was originally thinking of. In that indicator I do use the Plot Graphics method and think that maybe there is a conflict with it. I've removed that indicator from my charts and seeing if I come up with the Red x.



      Hi folks!

      New version with enhanced order entry/management features is available through:
      See the changelog for changes:

      If you don't download this manually, you'll get it through the auto-update in a few days.

      Please report any misbehaviors so I can fix it early. Spread the word and enjoy!


        Hello everyone!
        I found a bug in 0.1.3 and below, that prevented auto-update for some users. If that's your case, please update manually from http://rainbow-in.com/. If there's no version displayed as part of the "Rainbow" title on the chart (top left), you have 0.1.3 and older.
        Sorry for inconvenience!


          Hello Rainbow,
          I got your new 1.5.1 running , Love your work! However, found an issue in trade visualization. the trades are not correctly sync-ed "sometimes" . See attached JPGs "Normal" with good sync. and "Rainbow" with some confusion on the trades of 2 contracts between 0730 and 1130am.
          Thanks for the good work, and hope this is an easy fix.
          Attached Files
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            Hi MShead54!
            I know about this and it's a kind of dead body under my bed, I just haven't figured out what to do with it yet. There is an issue for this: https://bitbucket.org/rainbow-in/rai...n-misbehaviors, so you can follow the progress there. Not many users have problems with this, but I know they have.
            I promise that I'll have a look at it soon.


              I have some very interesting news to report on the "Trade Visulations" using the "Rainbow-Display Trades" indicator from Rainbow. This was a feature I was very interested in but stopped using it when there were problems. The other day I was doing through the indicator library and noticed that the this indicator was available for download in .cs format.

              I downloaded and started to play with it and noticed something that might explain the bad behavior. I noticed that when I have my chart session template set to "Default 24/7" I get the bad behavior. When I set the session template to "use instrument settings" the problem goes away.

              This is just an initial finding. I will monitor going forward and try other instruments to see if this finding holds true.

              I can't explain why this would make a difference, but its now working for me.

              I see Rainbow has disappeared for some time now and it very well could be due to this issue. Hopefully this will bring him back.



                Hello taddypole,

                I and other forums users here appreciate your testing this indicator. I would like to ask, since session templates seem to be affecting data, that you are also using minute bars. A 1440 minute chart is equivalent to a daily chart. Please let us know if we can help set those up, or if you have any other questions.
                Jessica P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Interesting. I only use custom Renko bar types. Haven't used time based bars in years. I only use Nexgen's Dynamic Renko bars but I also have SharkIndicators SiProRenko type bars as well as UniRenko bars.

                  Here is the score:

                  1. NexGen Dynamic Renko------Default 24/7------------------problem exists
                  ....NexGen Dynamic Renko------use instrument settings---Ok

                  2. SiProRenko-------------------------Default 24/7------------------problem exists
                  ....SiProRenko-------------------------use instrument settings---Ok

                  3. UniRenko----------------------------Default 24/7-------------------Ok
                  ....UniRenko----------------------------use instrument settings----Ok

                  No idea how bar type can make it different, but all I now is it works.. and i'm very happy.... this is an important tool for me that I've always wanted.



                    Profit and Loss on Chart Indicator

                    Hello everyone
                    I am trying to build Profit and Loss indicator to show on chart. Appreciate for any help.
                    New on ninjascript. have no idea where to start. Thank you


                      Hello condor,

                      If you would like to take on learning ninjascript, we have a fully documented help guide which will help you get started with ninja script. You will find language references to all of the methods and functions you will be using. You will also see a tutorial section which will help you create your first indicator and get you started with some of these concepts.
                      a link to our help guide can be found below: http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/h...?tutorials.htm

                      I am also linking you to the educational resources section of the help guide to help you get started with ninjascript:

                      You will find reference samples online as well as some tips and tricks for both indicators and strategies:

                      These samples can be downloaded, installed and modified from ninjatrader and hopefully serve as a good base for your custom works.

                      There is a also a growing library of user submitted custom indicators (100+) and strategies that can be downloaded from our support form. Please look in the ninjascript file sharing section of our support forum as you may find what you are looking for there: http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/f...splay.php?f=37

                      Finally, the following link is to our help guide with an alphabetical reference list to all supported methods, properties, and objects that are used in ninjascript.
                      Jessica P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                        I've tried this indicator for some days. I like it, but I noticed it delays the platform functioning above all regarding the order management (buy/sell orders took up to 2 seconds to show up on the charts) I had no option but to remove it.


                          Rainbow chart trader hot keys

                          Great indicator.
                          Do you have instructions on how to set up hot keys on the chart trader and how to customize other features.



                            I experienced massive memory consumption (4-5 Gb) at once on NT7 start - if Rainbow is installed. When uninstall Rainbow - average memory consumption about 250 Mb.
                            (No charts in workspace - only Control Center).

                            I want to leave bug report at https://bitbucket.org/rainbow-in/rainbow/issues but got "Access denied".

                            Does project still alive? Or, may be, Lukas works now in NT developer team? I wait from NT team to implement most Rainbow features (especially synchronise scroll) in NT8.

                            I am sure - Rainbow is just outstanding enhancement plugin. Such ideas are have to be used and implemented. Just like Apple implement features from Cydia Store apps.
                            NinjaTrader Ecosystem Vendor - fx.practic


                              Hell fx.practic,

                              As far as providing updated contact information regarding 3rd party vendors, I am more of a technical support specialist, so I have contacted a member of our team more knowledgeable than myself in this area.

                              As far as bug reporting, if you could leave us with a reproducible set of steps that relies on nothing but built-in Ninja components and the third party add-on product we are testing, including any workspace files or templates our staff will need to see the same thing you saw on our end, it would be appreciated, and I can attempt to follow up with it from our end should it reveal any limitation of Ninja's.

                              I look forward to assisting further.
                              Jessica P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                                Hello fx.practic,

                                I have reached out to the vendor of Rainbow to inquire further about the reporting website not denying access. I will update this thread when I have more information.
                                Ryan L.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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