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Help:toggle button indi need to switch logic to ref. dataseries

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    Help:toggle button indi need to switch logic to ref. dataseries

    Hi.. description for this indicator is located on last post of page 2 in NinjaScript file sharing>Version 7 miscellaneous

    What it does is plots buttons/tabs on your chart as a indicator, you then link the buttons to your workspaces so you can toggle thru your workspaces quickly.

    I want to change workspaces to data series(bar types)

    I use some custom bar types so when toggling thru time frames I have to manually go to data setting to switch to my custom bar types. Where if I could convert the logic of how this indicator references workspaces over to data series then I could use buttons to reference my custom bar types along with standard data series meaning min>tick>range etc. Its a slick way of toggling time frames. I know of no other way to reference my custom bar types thru a hotkey. Plus everyone knows if you type 1T instead of 1M in NT7 on chart function what happens(locks up NT7). Having these buttons preset would eliminate typing errors plus allow custom bar types to easily toggle thru time frames while watching for setups.

    suggestions on code, Im not a coder so if someone could switch over to make a new indicator this would be awesome, If not if I know code logic thru snippet I ll try to do it myself. I dont think it will require much effort.

    thx for suggestions and replies in advance
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    Hello Rad4633,

    Thanks for your post.

    I'm not familiar with the 1M 1T issue and have no issue switching from one to the other. For reference with 5 days of 1 minute data to change to 1 tick took less than 1 second, same going back. If you have a lot of days of data and a several indicators that need to recalc that could certainly add time.

    As far as the code, regrettably this is unsupported code work.

    Perhaps other in the community will participate in this project.
    Paul H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Sorry for the confusion Paul, to clarify i have no problem switching from 1 minute to a tick chart where I have a issue is when I use shortcut on chart popup to select(1M-1minute,2000T-2000tick,etc). Meaning if I want to look at a 1 minute then switch to a 1000tick but I accidentally type 1T =1tick then NT7 cant process this much data on that small time frame so a restart is fastest way to fix. If I had buttons (1000ticks) (1minute) (5 minute) (Rjaynogap10range) (30Minute) (1day) that was connected to that bars data series I could simply toggle button push and no worries with a typo. and I would also have a shortcut button for custom bar types

      thx for the reply and I knew this was outside normal support was hoping a coder could give some input....


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