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GC chart is not correct

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    GC chart is not correct

    Ninja 7.0.1000.34 with IQFeed
    Two days ago, I observed a strange behavior of NinjaTrader 7. I was looking at a chart of Gold GCZ17 at around 08:30 a.m. EST when I got a signal from one of my studies running on this chart. Preparing to enter the market I noticed that suddenly the chart looked different, the price data had changed and my signal was gone (no, not a repainting study). The same happened simultaneously to another chart of GCZ17 which was running on a shorter time frame. But it was not happening on a chart of a trading friend I was watching at the same time.
    Closing and restarting Ninja didn’t help. Checking the data feed against CME-data and another feed I have access to through my broker revealed no differences on the price data submitted. Checking the Historical Data Manager confirmed that the right data was being downloaded. NinjaTrader 8 had no problems with the GC-contracts at all. Other contracts don’t seem to face these problems.
    If I open a new chart for GCZ17, data for GCV17 is displayed and new incoming data for the GCZ17 is added from then onwards, regardless of time frame or which kind of chart……
    Is there any way that this can be fixed, please?

    Older versions of NinjaTrader 7 contained the GC 10-17 contract which is causing GC data to display incorrectly. Please upgrade NinjaTrader 7 and reset your instruments to resolve.

    To upgrade NinjaTrader, please follow the steps below.
    • First, get your license key from NinjaTrader under Help> License Key then exit NinjaTrader
    • Click on the link: http://ninjatrader.com/PlatformDirect
    • Enter your license key and press Submit
    • Select 'NinjaTrader 7'
    • Select 'Download'
    • Critical: Before running the installer, ensure NinjaTrader is closed.

    After the upgrade, please reset your instruments:
    • Disconnect from your data feed: NinjaTrader Control Center> File> Disconnect> Select your data feed.
    • Reset your Instruments: NinjaTrader Control Center> Tools> Options> Data tab> Reset Instruments>OK.
    • Restart NinjaTrader> Connect (NinjaTrader Control Center> File> Connect> Select your connection.

    After the reset, right-click on your GC charts and select 'reload all historical data'.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi I am getting the option to repair or remove when I run the installer.

      After running the repair option. I get "The specified account already exists" error and option to click OK button. After that, the installation Incomplete shows with a msg that installer was interrupted before NT7 could be installed.


        A basic uninstall and reinstall should resolve (this will not affect your custom files and settings):

        Close all running applications.
        • Make sure NinjaTrader is closed from the Windows Task Manager:

          * Press CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard > Start Task Manager...
          * Processes tab
          * Locate and highlight "NinjaTrader.exe" > Click "End Process"
        • Then from the Start menu select --> Control Panel --> Add and Remove Programs or Programs and Features
        • From Add and Remove Programs select NinjaTrader 7 and click Remove.
        • Navigate to the following folders and delete any "NinjaTrader 7" folders located here:

          * C:\Program Files (x86)\
          * C:\Program Files\

        Once these steps are completed, download and install NinjaTrader from the link below:

        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thank you very much, PatrickG - this solution worked for me


            GC - tick data

            Hi Ninja,

            wondering if you can help, I am not seeing tick data for GC 10-17

            I updated Ninja7, re-installed, reset instruments, reset DB, restarted and tick data still not updating

            Attached Files


              The GC 10-17 contract is not in the NinjaTrader database by default and is not the current front month. I suspect that, due to the very low volume on the 10-17 contract, you are not seeing many ticks come in. The GC 12-17 is the current 'front month' in the NinjaTrader platform.

              You can reference the CME's website to compare general volume for all active GC contracts:

              Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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