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Connection Always Getting Lost

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    Connection Always Getting Lost


    1) I use NT 7 and Forex.com brokerage my internet works very well how ever I noticed my connection is always getting lost intermittently although it always connects back within few seconds or minute but there are instances that trades gets rejected because connection was lost intermittently how do I fix this nagging problem.

    2) I don't seem to get enough live historical data and even when I try to download them I still get error message, I need to have enough data on my chart because my strategy has a look back period. for this same reason I can't even do a back test. I have include an attachment for better illustration.

    3) How do add currency pairs to me list of Forex pairs. I have include an attachment for better illustration.
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    Hello Yemmy,

    1. We realize that lost connections can be frustrating. A connection state between NinjaTrader and your broker/market data vendor is not dictated by NinjaTrader. The NinjaTrader application only reports the connection state as it is reported by the API you are connected through. NinjaTrader behaves like a radio receiver in that it receives signals from the connected server. If the signals are not coming through, the underlying broker/market data vendor API reports this to the NinjaTrader application which in turn reports this back to you. Once a loss of connection is reported, NinjaTrader or the underlying API will continuously try to re-establish a connection.

    Common reasons that contribute to connection stability are:

    - ISP issues
    - Hardware firewall changing IP addresses frequently
    - Dynamic IP addresses changing frequently intraday. This usually happens once a week but you may want to check with your ISP. If they do change daily, requesting a static IP address may help.
    - Broker/market data servers may be experiencing temporary downtime

    Can you please try a reset of your modem/router first and check if this allows you to remain connected.

    Are you wireless connected? If so, please hard wire your computer to your modem/router if possible.

    How many devices do you have connected to your modem/router? Is NinjaTrader able to stay connected if less devices are connected to your modem/router?

    2. Can you please right click in the chart and select 'Data Series'. Enter a value you like for 'Days to load' and click OK. Check if the requested data is loaded.

    If the issue remains, please go to Control Center-->Tools-->Account Connections. Highlight your Forex.com connection and click Change. Click Next and set Historical Data to 'Use NinjaTrader servers'. Click Next until you finish the connection.

    Restart NinjaTrader and check if you now load the requested data in charts.

    3. You can find instructions to add instruments to instrument lists at the link below.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks, all issues resolved except for one of my chart (NZDJPY) that refuses to load. I tried downloading it from history manager but it won't still load past 3 bars. However your suggestion worked on almost all my chart.

      Any ideas on how to fix this?


        I suggest to to proceed as follows. Create a new workspace with just a NZDJPY chart and close all other workspaces.

        Disconnect the Forex.com connection and change Historical Data to 'Use FOREX.com servers' in the connection settings.

        Reconnect Forex.com and check if the NZDJPY chart loads the requested data.

        If data is loaded, please disconnect Forex.com again. Change Historical Data back to 'Use NinjaTrader servers'.

        Open your other workspaces. You can close the workspace with just the NZDJPY chart. Reconnect to Forex.com.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


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