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Barcharts or Esignal?

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    Barcharts or Esignal?

    Hi guys and gals,

    I need to sign up for real time quotes data feed...

    I contacted both Barcharts.com and Esignal...

    Barcharts is 55$ for the feed (I am not gettin level II Yet)

    Esignal is 91$ (again without Level II)

    I am very confused on the symbol limits, Barcharts said that the 100 limit means I can only look up 100 different symbols in a month... meaning I can look up say GOOG everyday for a month and it only counts once, but if I liike up say RIMM and APPLE one day on 5 minute charts and then WM and LEH the next day that is 4 symbols usage on the limit

    now ESIGNAL says that with them it is a 200 symbol limit, but that limit is like "parking spaces" I just cannot have more then 200 symbols running or being used at the same time... So I can run say 50 charts of different symbols one day and 150 different symbols the next day and so on as long as I am not running 210 different symbol chats at once...

    I am very confused at the difference between the two and want to know if this is correct for both services... Of course I like the barcharts price, but I like to look at a lot of charts and will likley look at many more then 100 symbols on 5 minute and one minute charts over a month...

    They also said Ninjatrader is who counts the limits and was not sure how the exactly count them in the NT program..

    I am very confused...anyone using Barcharts live data feed can you look up more then 100 symbols per month? Did she give me the wrong information?

    all and all which is the better service omongst everyone here as well?

    TIA for all help

    NinjaTrader does not count limits, this is done by the data provider. I will check on the definition you received from BarChart. My impression was that you could only look at 100 unique symbols at once at anyone time., like eSignal.
    RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks Ray

      Thanks for the help, That is why I feel she may have been misinformed with what she said, because I just could'nt see NT counting the limits for another companies service...

      I hope it is the same limit type as Esignal because their is a big price difference and though Esignal gives 200 symbol limit if it is only 100 unique symbols running at a time that is all I would really ever need right now..

      Of course it seems most daytraders seem to use Esignal so I am curious of reliability such as bad ticks and so forth...

      do many people use Barcharts feed through NT?

      TIA for all help!



        We do have many happy traders using Barchart as their data feed with NinjaTrader.
        MichaelNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Thanks Michael

          I will probably use Barcharts, I just hope the information their customer service gave me was incorrect... Only being able to look up 100 symbols over a month is a big difference then only being able to have 100 symbols up at a time....

          Thanks for all the help!


            Anyone Use Barcharts Feed?

            If any users who use the barcharts feed can let me know how the symbol limits work I would appreciate it...



              I just confirmed, it is like eSignal, simultaneous monitoring.
              RayNinjaTrader Customer Service


                Thanks Ray!

                Thanks for doing that Ray!

                I will go with barcharts now... they are like 40$ cheaper a month and I am on a budget right now...

                I guess the CS lady I talked to was just misinformed..she seemed to be confused at what she was saying...

                So just to clear up, the 100 symbol limit is not that you can only look up 100 unique symbols per month... the limit is on how many you are running at any time...

                Thanks again!


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