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How to make a trailing stop?

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    How to make a trailing stop?

    Ok this is crazy. NT is the only platform in existence where you need technical help to figure out a trailing stop instead of just a few clicks.

    I have read the help files on the trailing stops and it appears to only be set up for someone who is dyslexic or wants to set something up for scaling in or scaling out from the Super Dom.

    As much as I don't like it I can place orders from the Super Dom.

    To be clear I do not want scaling in or out. I want to set a trailing stop like I could on any other platform in existence. So how do I do so?

    It appears that I have to set up an ATM strategy and set up a quantity, Stop Loss and Profit target save it and then chose it before a trade is placed for it to work. Am I correct?

    I don't want to set a profit target but can deal with it if the stop strategy will automatically take over and stop the trade from being closed.

    Since I am only really trying to do the most complicated trailing stop in history do I need to set up more than 1 target for this?

    If I am correct and I can set 1 target and then create a stop strategy. Is this just saved also and how, or do I need to make the ATM target and Stop strategy then save it as 1 name or are they 2 separate things as far as NT is concerned? Do I have to do a custom for each trade?

    Moving on to the stop Strategy Screen.

    At the top is the auto Break Even.

    Seems simple enough. If I put my stop loss at 15 and auto break even at 15 plus 1 when I am 16 ticks into profit it should move my stop to 1 tick in profit, am I correct? I would prefer not to use this feature at all to make things easier. Is it possible to not use this and if so what values should be entered.

    Now we get to my Auto trail. Closest thing we appear to have to a trailing stop.

    Assuming I have made it to my 1 tick profit I believe this is somehow how this starts to kind of work. Hopefully this is where we get started because I do not want to use the auto break even feature.

    I only partly understand how this works.

    It appears it gives me 3 chances for a trailing stop kind of instead of just clicking 2 or 3 times and setting a real trailing stop.

    I have a stop loss, lets say I want to enter 15, a frequency <I have no Idea what to put> and a profit target that I don't want to use.

    So how do I make this work as a trailing stop.

    I don't mind being able to tighten the trail as profits rise and that's probably a good feature but I want to start off with a trailing stop like every other platform in existence has.

    I want to be able to do a real trailing stop from the chart trader that I actually use instead of the Super Dom also.

    Help me out here and bring some sanity into Ninja Trader 7.



    Thanks for posting.

    A trailing stop can be achieved by using the Auto Trail feature of an ATM strategy.

    In addition to saving ATM strategy templates, you can also select "<Custom>" from the ATM strategy drop-down menu to create a new ATM strategy on the fly prior to entering the market.

    With ATM strategies, you can leave the Profit Target as "0" to leave it disabled and not use a Profit Target.

    You can add a Stop Strategy for any and all Targets you choose to add to an ATM strategy by selecting "<Custom>" from the Stop Strategy drop down menu. Once done, you can choose to save this as a Stop Strategy template by right-clicking within the Stop Strategy window and selecting "Manage Stop Strategy Templates." Enter a desired name and click "Save." ATM Strategy templates and Stop Strategy templates would be separate from one another. More information at the below link:


    For Auto Breakeven, the Profit Trigger would be the number of ticks in your favor you'd like to see before Auto Breakeven triggers. A setting of "1" for the Plus parameter would actually add a tick to your breakeven move to make it "Breakeven +1 tick." More information at the below link:


    For Auto Trail, the Profit Target would serve the same purpose as Auto Breakeven. The number of ticks in your favor you'd like to see before Auto Trail triggers. The Stop Loss setting is the number of ticks offset you'd like the Stop Loss to be adjusted to. From your example, a setting of 15 would move to adjust the order to a 15 tick offset. The Frequency setting determines how often after your initial Profit Trigger does this move occur again. If you only wanted the move to occur once, you may consider using a high number like 999, or you could use a low number like 1 to make sure the move happens again after every additional tick in your favor. More information at the below link:


    We'd be happy to help set up an ATM strategy if you had specific parameters in mind, and I've included a few links below to recordings of our ATM 201 and ATM 301 educational presentations, found publicly available on our Youtube channel:

    ATM 201: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eXP_-cfR2Q
    ATM 301: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZUOoAZq35E
    Drew O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      I second this guys opinion or whatever that you've got to kidding me that i pay a grand for a platform and then i gotta spend hours to figure out how to do a damn trail stop, AND I STILL DON'T have it right. ive looked at the videos and read the articles and it just shouldn't take all that now days. come on guys. stop over thinking it and trying to include gods plans and the sq root of your moms meatballs and any other BS and just make a preloaded template i click market computer makes stop loss at x ticks back and stop loss stays at x ticks behind last as it goes up!! but I am stupid hours deep and its still messy. Drew feel free to PM me if you got a simplified way of explaining it that i am missing because it SHOULD BE SIMPLE


        We understand that ATM configuration requires time and an understanding of how the software works. Learning how to use any feature of any advanced and technically articulate program will take time. We have the resources and technical support staff in order to assist you with what you want to accomplish.

        Either go into further detail about what you're wanting to accomplish via stop strategy, or contact us via email at PlatformSupport[AT]NinjaTrader[DOT]com so we may provide more personalized support.
        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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