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Ninjatrader sdf. database files -- potentially causing a platform glitch

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    Ninjatrader sdf. database files -- potentially causing a platform glitch

    Tech support suggested I recreate my sdf . database files -- being that it contains over 650,000 KBs-- as well as 650k KBs in my Ninjatrader OLD.sdf files. I know nothing about them -- or how they've accumulated so much -- I've never dealt with them. But they may be causing an overload that has prevented my Account Performance Trades tab to not show my last several completed trades today -- sims -- this has never occurred for me in 1000s of trades.
    Should I recreate a new database -- ??
    I'm reluctant for now fearing I'll lose my chart markings and important adjustments to indicators I need to use.

    Was the heavy influx of data today a factor?-- I trade the ES mini, with Ninjatrader brokerage --CQG feed ---

    if I must do this -- do I keep the old database sdf . files ?
    today I eliminated a few gigs worth of DB tick and other DB data I'd allowed to build
    over 3 months. --pared down the large number of charts in my active workspace and did a DB repair and DB reset

    My issue seems to have worked out ok -- tonight's trades are showing up normally

    Anyone dealing with recreating an sdf database and what to expect to lose?

    McDavey, we've been working together on this via email (ticket #2023502) to troubleshoot a specific symptom you're experiencing. If the symptom is no longer ocurring, then there is no need to continue with the troubleshooting steps.

    The files you see with 'Old' in the name are results of either following the steps I provided previously or using the 'Reset db' button under Tools > Options > Data tab.

    As I mentioned via email, you can expect the following to be lost when you rename your database:
    • ATM Strategy templates
    • Custom session templates
    • Custom Instrument Lists
    • Custom Instruments,
    • historical trade execution data
    • saved Strategy Analyzer backtest results
    It is not expected that you would lose any of the items you're afraid of losing. We do not typically provide steps to clients that have an end result of removing all of their customization of the NinjaTrader platform. Additionally, the steps I provided are reversible.

    If you want to be extra certain that no items are lost, you could create a backup of NinjaTrader. File > Utility > Backup > Uncheck these three options:
    • Historical chart data
    • Log and trace files
    • Market Replay data
    This will exclude data which I would call "non-essential" and backup critical items like workspaces, charts, templates, custom add-ons, connections, etc.

    If the issue persists, please follow up via email by replying to the emails I've sent you. If you no longer have those, write in a new email and make sure to reference 2023502.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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