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Instrument Data changes on NT7 after entering order on IB Booktrader

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    Instrument Data changes on NT7 after entering order on IB Booktrader

    I use NT7 (7.0.1000.39) with a SimulationOnly licence. Datafeed is from IB. ES futures are traded over IB BookTrader (IB DOM).
    If nothing is traded (and no orders are entered) than everything works fine. The charts are displayed correctly etc.
    The systems works since several months without any problem. No updates were made. Latest Update on IB TWS was 10 days ago.
    Since yesterday (23.04.2019) a bothering issue appears.

    As soon as I enter any order on the IB BookTrader then ES is not displayed any more on the charts (resp. not correctly)
    Only the price for the last order are displayed.
    It seems that by entering an order on IB BookTrader the data of the instrument are changing (after examining the instrument manager).
    The tick size is suddenly equal to the limit price (instead of 0.25), the exchange does change and other instrument data are changing as well.
    By resetting the instrument in NT, the system returns to the correct state. But with every order, the instrument data are changed again and the charts are not displayed anymore correctly.

    IB Support investigated the logfiles (for IB API). They were supportive. They think that the data stream is during the entire process correct and not interrupted. Therefore, the issue seems to be with NT, since the data specification changes there.

    Has anybody an idea what might cause this issue?
    (I already made the majority of the obvious things like, deleting db/caches, restarting all programs etc.)

    Hello Aditrade,

    Thank you for your post.

    I see that you're running an older version of NinjaTrader 7. The newer version contains many critical updates to the database. Please update NinjaTrader 7 and reset your instruments:

    First, to update NinjaTrader, please follow the steps below:
    • First get your license key from NinjaTrader under Help> License Key then exit NinjaTrader
    • Click on the link: http://ninjatrader.com/PlatformDirect
    • Enter your license key and press Submit
    • Select 'NinjaTrader 7'
    • Select 'Download'
    • Critical: Before running the installer, ensure NinjaTrader is closed.

    Lastly, to reset your instruments, please follow the steps below:
    • Disconnect from your data feed: NinjaTrader Control Center> File> Disconnect> Select your data feed
    • Reset your Instruments: NinjaTrader Control Center> Tools> Options> Data tab> Reset Instruments>OK
    • Restart NinjaTrader> Connect (NinjaTrader Control Center> File> Connect> Select your connection

    If your TWS recently updated, you're using the incorrect version of TWS for use with NinjaTrader 7. You are likely running version 976.2a and the supported version of TWS is 960.2g. While other versions of TWS may work, often we see issues like you're experiencing when using an unsupported version. We've received a number of reports of the latest version being incompatible with NinjaTrader 7.

    Please uninstall your current version of TWS and install the correct version from the link here:


    This version of TWS will not auto-update as the versions downloaded from IB do and is compatible with NinjaTrader 7.

    You'll want to check the settings to ensure they match those shown in our IB connection guide here:


    Once you have the correct version installed, please test for issues and let me know if you continue to experience the same.

    Thanks in advance; I look forward to assisting you further.
    Kate W.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Dear Kate,
      I followed your steps. It works now.


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