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Ninja 7 Not receiving data on NQ

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    Ninja 7 Not receiving data on NQ

    Using Interactive Brokers data feed. Charting the NQ, In the control panel, the Bid/Ask shows only one price. If I switch over to the ES, I see current Bid/Ask. How to refresh data? If I switch to the ES in the control panel, and then back to the NQ, the Bid/Ask will change to the current trade price, but still shows same price in both Bid/Ask.

    Hello psquare,

    Welcome to the NinjaTrader forums.

    It may be that real-time data is not being received for that instrument.

    May I confirm that you are not receiving delayed data for that instrument in TraderWorkstation (if you hover over the instrument row in TWS does it show as delayed)?

    What is the expiry contract month you are using with the NQ?

    Are you testing this while the market is open? (Currently the market is closed for the NQ until 5:00 PM Central)

    Do you see any errors appearing in the Log tab of the Control Center?
    If so, what do these say?
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      I have live data from Interactive Broker. This was working fine up till about 3PM today. The market is now open for the night session. I see live Bid/Ask for the ES on Ninja Trader, but nothing for the NQ. It shows the same Bid/ Ask/ Last trade.
      I've been running Ninja 7 for many years with the IB data feed. I'm guessing somehow the data is corrupted.
      I see multiple error messages in the LOG Tab. IB socket Read Log Unable to convert DU124692 to integer value was the last at 2:48 PM EST Also IB market data process: unable to convert market data type Input stribg was not in a correct format. There are many other messages , but these are the 2 most recent


        I double checked all the settings on TWS. I am still getting live quotes for the ES. In the Ninja Trader control panel, with the market set for NQ 06-19, I see the trade count changing as the market trades, but the Bid / Ask / Last price stays the same 7837.00. The market is currently at 7863. Any suggestions for a fix is appreciated.
        Maybe I should uninstall / reinstall Ninja Trader? I think this happened once years ago, and that may have been the way I fixed it.


          Last message in the Log is "Requested market data is not subscribed. Delayed data is not available NQ Jun '19/DEEP 354


            Hello psquare,

            The message in the log is stating that the data is delayed.

            This means in TWS you would be receiving live delayed changing values. Typically the dot next to the item will be orange or yellow. If you hover the mouse over the row for that instrument it will typically say in the tool tip the symbol is delayed.

            Have you contacted Interactive Brokers to confirm that you are not receiving real-time data for this instrument?

            Would you like to schedule a call for me to connect with you and confirm the data is delayed in TWS?
            If so, please send an email to platformsupport [at] ninjatrader [dot] com. In the email please include a link to this forum thread.

            Also, what version of NinjaTrader 7 are you using?

            May I confirm you are using 7.0.1000.40?

            What version of TWS are you using?

            May I confirm you are using the supported version 760.2?
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