I would like to ask you for help. For my trades I am using price action (just price graph with no indicators). I am placing my orders in Chart trader, always wit defined profit target and stop loss... I leave the market to hit profit target or stop loss. I have only one condition - if profit target is not hit in 3 bars since entry ( I am using 5 min bars, so in 15 mins since entry), I am placing my stop loss 2 ticks under low of last bar... I am doing this manually, but I would like to find how to do it automatically, that I do not have to sit in front of the graph.

I know it will be easy to build an automated strategy, but I am not using any indicators for entry. I place orders near supports and resistances which I see by eye...So basically is there any way that I can manually place order and setup automatic stop loss which will be triggered after 3 bars (15 mins)? Thank you very much for your answer.