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import NinjaScript

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  • NinjaTrader_Dennis

    Thank you for your post.

    Please follow the instructions below to see where the errors are coming from after compiling the indicator. This will allow you to debug the indicator/strategy or remove it from your PC. If you are wondering why you receive an error when compiling only one indicator, it is because NinjaTrader always compiles all indicators and strategies - not just one. This is done to give you the highest runtime performance possible.

    For NinjaTrader 7:

    Open NinjaTrader
    From the Control Center select the Tools menu--> select the Edit NinjaScript menu item--> select Indicator
    Select ANY indicator and double click on it (we need only to open and compile one script to see all compile errors for all files).
    A new window will appear and you will need to right click in the window and select Compile to compile the indicators.
    At the bottom of the window, a new section will appear where you can find the error locations.
    From there you have the option to comment out offending code sections, remove the complete indicator or debug it to be able to compile again.
    For NinjaTrader 8:

    Open NinjaTrader
    From the Control Center select the New menu--> select NinjaScript Editor
    Double click on the Indicators folder--> then double click on any of the indicators
    Once the indicator code is in view right click in the window and select Compile to compile all NinjaScript objects
    At the bottom of the NinjaScript Editor window, a new section will appear where you can find the error locations
    You can exclude the file referenced in the editor by double clicking on the appropriate object type on the right of the NinjaScript Editor window. This will expand the object type folder. You can then select the file with a left click--> right click on the object--> then select Open to begin debugging the file, Exclude From Compilation, or Remove to delete the file.
    If you are unsure as to what the error is indicating, please send me a screenshot of the NinjaScript File column and Error column fully visible (not to be confused with the Code column)

    To send a screenshot with Windows 7 or newer I would recommend using Window's, Snipping Tool.

    Click here for instructions

    Alternatively to send a screenshot press Alt + PRINT SCREEN to take a screen shot of the selected window. Then go to Start--> Accessories--> Paint, and press CTRL + V to paste the image. Lastly, save as a jpeg file and send the file as an attachment.

    Click here for detailed instruction

    We have also collected more comprehensive steps for resolving NinjaScript programming errors in this tip on our forums - http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/f...ead.php?t=4678

    Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.

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  • juancamilo98
    started a topic import NinjaScript

    import NinjaScript

    hello, I can´t import more indicators, i dont know whay but i can´t platform says "you have Custom NinjaScript files on you pc that have programming errors". but all i get is form the forum.

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