Hello everyone,,
I use a commercial technique in my trading that compares prices for the different sessions over different time frames. Sorry to be vague, suffice to say that I need to compare price at the open and close of the same session at the same time over days, months and years. eg I want to compare the price of the open of the 6am CST oil pit throughout the year.

I live in Western Australia and use NT7. version 7.0.1000.37. Without being able to adjust for US daylight saving of course the technique does not work. My laptop is set to Perth time i.e GMT+8. I don't know what version NT is set to, how may I change this? I did have the session template set up for Perth time then tried setting for CST time but notice sometimes this is 14 hours behind me, sometimes 15 and the price bar data wasn't correct. This is compared to CQG data who allow setting of the time zone and a button to account for daylight savings.
openweb.vip/whatsapp-web/ https://19216801.onl/ routerlogin.uno/
I only need accurate price bar data that conforms to the CST session times throughout the years. Am happy to use NT8.

My laptop is used for work so setting it to CST time is clearly unacceptable.

How may this issue be resolved?

Thanks, .