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Newbie ?s : TOS or NinjaTrader for simulation, internet&computer security, etc

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    Newbie ?s : TOS or NinjaTrader for simulation, internet&computer security, etc

    Hello newbie-in-training and after so much reading, its paper-trading/simulation time. It was time 2 months ago but I didn't feel like I was ready...a recent post pointed out that nothing beats live practice so....I'm starting.

    1) I was going to start with TOS but it occurred to me that maybe I should use the platform that I would be doing my real trading on to cut down on having to learn a new platform all over again. Good idea? I'm leaning towards TOS or NinjaTrader since these are the only simulators I've heard of so far. I see a lot of reference to TOS for paper trading but for real trading, I don't see TD brokerage used a lot but I see NinjaTrader(especially for futures)/IB/SureTrader. Which one is better? Does opening an brokerage account cause a hard inquiry?

    2) Internet & Computer security : How is everyone handling this? I've always had a Windows desktop/laptop but always done all financial-related activities within a VMWare with Linux installed...having to work directly on my laptop has me a bit nervous. What kind of Internet security software is everyone using? In lieu of the Kaspersky news, I was thinking of switching. What about VPN? Would it be better to get a Mac instead?

    3) Equities, Options or futures : What is the general advise on what to start with. I was going with stocks but while studying PATs Price Action, Volume Profile & Market Profile, all of the reading/lessons were centered on Futures and I must say that it is sounding more appealing. The same trading principles apply as per support & resistance, indicators, charting, patterns, mitigating losses, having a plan, etc. routerlogin 192.168.l.l
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    Thank you for your post.

    A factor to consider here would be to use the brokerage and platform that works best for you and the instruments you are wanting to trade. The NinjaTrader platform would have many options for data providers to connect to:


    NinjaTrader will only run on a Windows operating system. This can be accomplished on a mac by using Parallels or another virtual machine program running Windows inside of it.

    We wouldn't be able to provide you with any trading advice and would want to do your research on this question and ensure you are using the instruments that best reflect your preferences.

    Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.

    Marco G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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