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Anyone experienced with ninjatrader?

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    Anyone experienced with ninjatrader?

    Anyone that started off using the demo and then went to live trading?

    Is it actually the same in terms of order fill speeds ect.? I'm assuming that order fills are based on if you actually did enter an order at the time you did, then it fills at the speed that it would if you did it for real. Not sure if that is actually the case though.

    Essentially I just want to know if it would actually function exactly the same. hotmail.com
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    Yes, it should be exactly the same.

    If you are talking automated trading, all bets are off.

    If you mean from a manual trading point of view, yes, manual trading
    in Sim101 is very close to manual trading with a live account.

    To be any more precise, you need to define "exactly".

    If you mean from a Chart Trader user-interface point of view, yes, they are
    exact. The only difference is the Account selected in the Account dropdown.

    If you mean from a network point of view, no, they are extremely different.
    Why? Live orders in a real account travel across the internet to your broker,
    who then sends it to the exchange, collects the fill information, and sends
    it back to the broker, who sends it back to you. There is the potential for
    network latency issues and queue position to affect your order fills. Lucky
    for you Sim101 tries to simulate these, but the Sim101 simulation is never
    guaranteed to be an exact replica of every live fill of every order in every
    market scenario -- but in my experience, it's always close enough that I
    stopped caring.

    Sim101 tries to be a parallel universe to what would have happened in the
    real universe, but even though IMHO it's pretty close, at a low enough level
    of detail, it is never going to be exactly the same ... and that's why it is
    called a simulation.


      Hello tigamendoza,

      Thank you for your post.

      The engine uses a scientific approach to determine fill probability by including a number of variables including: ask/bid volume, trade volume, time (to simulate order queue position), and random time delays for switching between order states.

      You can have multiple entry windows open and using the account drop down menu, simultaneously route orders to your live broker in one window while routing orders to the simulator in another. This provides you the flexibility to trade live while testing different methods or ideas in simulation, or check against your live connection the fill time frames for each.

      bltdavid gave some great information on this topic. The simulation would all be localized on your pc; while live orders must travel to the exchange, be confirmed by the exchange, and then send that information back to you to update the order status on the platform. Internet speed and connectivity plays a critcal role in this situation.

      Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.
      Marco G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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