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Back up with new NT v 15

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    Back up with new NT v 15

    Following an issue with custom indicators and the graphics on my PC, I frequently lose colour on my indicators.

    NT Support identified this issue and fixed with a re install, however I am finding this issue occurs every few days and I have to reinstall completely.

    Is there a backup facility with the new version? I can restore my Workspace ok, but it is time consuming redoing the Market Analyzer and my templates.

    If there is some way of backing these up to my PC, then I could just import them back in.....my templates in particular use the custom indicators which are part of the problem.... so, if I do re install, then add the custom indicators, will any previously backed up template file( if it can be backed up) restore ok, or will I still have to do what I am doing now and re install NT, re install my Custom Indicators and then re do all the templates again?

    Also can the Market Analyzer be backed up and restored in a similar way?


    You can create a backup and then restore from that backup when needed.

    Follow these steps to create a backup file:
    • Disconnect from all data feeds
    • Control Center > Tools > Export > Backup file...

    Disable the following items
    • Historical chart data
    • Log and trace files
    • Market Replay data

    Export > (you can choose a different location or name for the file at this point, but it is not required > Save

    This will exclude data which I would call "non-essential". If needed, we can move this information later, however, most likely all the information you need can be downloaded from our servers.

    To restore from a backup file, follow the steps in the help guide:


    However, this does not combat the root issue of your symptoms. I would recommend that you either respond to the last email you received from us regarding this issue so we can pickup where we left off, or write in a new email to [email protected][DOT]com with a link to this forum post so we can try to find the root cause of what you're experiencing.
    Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks Patrick I will follow your steps.

      Your Support team has already identified the root causes of this problem and it has nothing to do with the platform...it has everything to do with the 3rd party indicators and the graphics of my PC.

      Thanks again


        Just an update to this issue....

        I have previously reported loss of colour on certain 3rd party indicators on my PC. Following support, I re-instated the indicator colour but this only lasted a day in general, until the colour is lost again. Following further support, the fault was identified as a combination of a corrupt indicator file and a graphics issue on my PC.

        Following a further re-install when indicator colour was lost, I downloaded a fresh copy of the indicators, but later, still lost colour...therefore I assumed the fault is totally with my graphics.

        Following further support, we tried increasing the amount of memory dedicated to a page, however, that had no effect.

        My only option was therefore assumed to be upgrading my PC.

        However, I also have a 2nd platform on a laptop. This laptop is relatively new and has updated graphics. I also have these 3rd part indicators on this platform and now find that I am losing colour too on a daily basis and it requires a re-install to get the colour back.

        This whole issue started following the v15 upgrade and seems to be a combination of this, along with some thing to do with the indicators, which are the Top Dog Trading Custom Indicators.

        Following a loss of colour this morning on my laptop, I have made a copy of the Event Viewer files which would cover the time period of this current episode.

        To summarise..this issue occurs daily on both my PC and laptop platforms, both of which have separate internet connection types (PC is cell broadband and laptop is DSL)

        Following a recent loss of colour on the indicators on my PC, I re-intsalled a Backup File, as instructed by Support, but that had no effect...still loss of indicator colour.....only rectified when the platform is completely re-installed.
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          I think we'll need to get a copy of the indicator from Top Dog for further troubleshooting. Another avenue would be to further isolate where within the NinjaTrader installation the issue resides. We can do this via another remote session.

          I never received your Event Viewer files in response to ticket #1963385. Please follow up on that ticket via email so we can schedule a remote session.
          Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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