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Enter point. Exit point. But how to settup some "middle" progress actions?

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    Enter point. Exit point. But how to settup some "middle" progress actions?

    Hello guys! I would liek to have some advice, since im kinda stuck on my process of building auto-strategy via "wizard".

    But first of all, please excuse my poor English, its not my common language at all.

    So, i guess the most easyes way to express "what do i want" will be postin a little screenshot:

    As you can see here:

    "1" is the simple "short" opening spot.
    "2" is just a "middle-progress". (Its about 12pp in profit inthat position).
    "3" is where that short position were closed (because of "ShortExit" state of indicators was reached).

    So, what do i want from auto-strategy is doing 2 thing (they r sepparated from each other, but both is displayed on that screenshot anyway, so i`ll describe them both):

    1)Enter short (which was done already).
    2) When profit reaches some exact ammounter of profit, for example 5 (or 10, or 15 pts). Strategy wil make a stop order which must looks like: EntryPoint + 1pts.

    In other words, we go "short" on 1295,25.
    When price goes to 1285,25 (10pts profit).
    Strategy will make a stop order at "EntryPoint + 1pts": In our case it will be: 1295,25 - 1pts = Make a StopOrder at 1294,25.

    Ofc i know how to manage TrailingStops, but in my case my actuall strategy require more that just a solid stationary settuped TrialingStop or cassual StopLoss.

    I guess/feel, that the answer to that question might lay somewhere here:

    I`ve tryed to settup that kind of condition-and-behaviour:
    If "Realized PnL" is => that "PerformanceUnit.Points" by 10 points.

    Action: ExitShortStopLImit.

    But in that case im quite unsure, which "LimitPrice" and "StopPrice" should i use, to move my Stop to the point, where the position was opened + 1/2/3 pts.

    And anyway either i did something wrong here, or that6 rule just didnt worked at all at my case.

    And, here is my second question, (the point of it can also been finded at the screnshot).


    "1" is the simple "short" opening spot.
    "2" (dont play any role in that example!!!)
    "3" is where that short position were closed (because of "ShortExit" state of indicators was reached).

    So, all i want to reach here is that, my auto-strategy not just fullfill "ShortExit" comand when setted "conditionas are true", but turn on a TrialStop at that point.

    At the screenshot, you may ses, that the "short" was closed at 1495,50.

    But, how to make it not just "ShortExit", but something like that:
    GetCurrectPrice, and add a TrialingStop with 5 pts (20 ticks) ?

    So, as you may see, im struggling and want to give my strategy a little bit of more flexibility.

    1)Enter short with (10pts StopLoss).
    2)If Profit reaced 10+pts = move stationary "StopLoss" at the point where the possition was opened.
    3)When final goal is reached, turn on "TrailingStop" with exact settup of possible offset.

    And ofc the possible setups from "Stops and Targets" wizard just cant give me that kind of flexibility

    So, is there any possible ways to create such rules in "Conditions and Actions" window? I guess there is some way.. but after spendin half of the night to solve it, i still didnt find what i want.

    Im not even asking for a "4totalnoobz" step-by-step guide, just point me where to look at at least.
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    Hi Imbah,

    Welcome to the NinjaTrader Support Forums.

    Unfortunately what you want is not doable via the Strategy Wizard. You will need to dive into custom programming to add that flexibility. For the first item point you wanted you would need to program your stop loss based off of Unrealized PnL, not Realized PnL. For your second point, you can only do this in conjunction with your first point through manual logic that mimics a trailing stop's logic and sends modifying ExitLongStop() orders to trail.

    If all this sounds too confusing you can try contacting one of the 3rd party NinjaScript Consultants here to program it for you:
    Josh P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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