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Wrong Fill Prices / Non-existant Positions

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    Wrong Fill Prices / Non-existant Positions

    The last two days I have discovered a problem with NT. First, when I start scaling into a position, it figures the average price wrong. Today on a ZB trade, it even has my average WAY above the HOD, so that couldn't be.

    Second problem is that it shows I have an open short March Corn position. While that would be nice (it shows I'm up quite a bit), I don't have a position in corn.

    Any reason for all of this?? Just since I switched to TT as a feed have I noticed this issue, any link there?


    I'm not sure I completely understand what you are saying, however:

    Are you getting partial fills? If you are, then the average entry price will use the sum of all the prices that were used to fill your entry. Therefore the average entry will be different than what you may otherwise expect.

    If you see an order that is present in NT and you think that it is incorrect you may have a ghost order

    If the order is live:
    Please contact your broker right away and have them flatten the order or manage it directly. Also, please shut down NinjaTrader and restart it. If the order is still there your broker is sending this information and you will need to wait until they reset their servers.
    If the order is simulated:
    Please go to: Tools> Options> Simulator tab> click Reset to reset your simulator.
    DenNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Ben, let me try to be more clear.

      I only use limit orders for order entry, thus the average should not be wrong. For instance, I placed an order today in the Dec. ZB today at 124.145, and when it filled, the P/L at the bottom of the static DOM immediately showed a big loss. I went to the "positions" tab in the control center and it showed I was long from 124.445, which isn't even a legitimate price for this contract.

      The second problem I encountered I found when looking in the "positions" section for the above problem. While looking at this tab, I noticed it showed that I was short March corn from 396.50. While that would have been nice, I was not short that contract. I switched over to the March corn contract on the DOM, and sure enough, it showed I was short 5 contracts. My broker does not show this position, which is correct, I am just curious as to why its showing up on NT. It is messing up my EOD P/L analysis and will also screw up any future trade I make in this contract from a P/L calculation standpoint.

      Hope this explains it better.



        Lets try this first since this involves the performance/database:

        Please try repairing your database:
        1.Go to Tools --> Options --> Misc --> Repair DB
        2. Then reboot your PC.

        Please try repairing your NinjaTrader Installation:
        1.Shut Down NinjaTrader
        2.Go to Uninstall Programs in the Windows Control Panel
        3.Select NinjaTrader and hit the "repair" button

        If that does not work, try deleting your database:
        1.Shut Down NinjaTrader
        2.Go to \Documents\NinjaTrader6.5\db
        3.Delete the file NinjaTrader

        Note: you will lose a lot of or your data if you delete your database. However you can undo the process by deleting the new database that is created and reverting the old database name that will now be in your Windows recycle bin.
        DenNinjaTrader Customer Service


          thanks Ben, will report back if that does not work.


            Same issue

            When backtesting, trace says in output window:"Entered internal PlaceOrder() method at 2009-01-07 07:31:00: Action=SellShort OrderType=Limit Quantity=1 LimitPrice=929,00 StopPrice=0 SignalName='MyEntry' FromEntrySignal=''

            However in Strategy Analyzer it submits short order way below the market at 919. I tried all options suggested below,didn't help.



              Please provide a screenshot of what you see in a backtest along with the backtest settings you are using so we can evaluate. Thank you.
              Josh P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                Something I can't figure out have tried to reload NT a few times but still persisits.
                Everytime I place a limit order in price ladder it executes and I'm in profit but it's totally wrong
                Any ideas ?
                See youtube video for visual
                Thank's for any input


                  Hello dline,

                  Thank you for your post and for that video.

                  Please send me a note at platformsupport(at)ninjatrader(dot)com and attach your most current log and trace files.

                  You will find the log file on your PC in the (My) Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Log folder.
                  • The log file will be named "log.20141023.txt" (or 20141022 depending on where you are in the world)

                  You will find the trace file on your PC in the (My) Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Trace folder.
                  • The trace file will be named "trace.20141023.txt"

                  Also, include a link to this forum post in the body of the email.

                  I look forward to hearing from you.
                  Last edited by NinjaTrader_ZachS; 10-22-2014, 11:41 PM.
                  Zach S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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