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Problems connecting to your Patsystems based account

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    Problems connecting to your Patsystems based account

    *This is relevant for NinjaTrader Version 4

    There aremany reasons that you may be unable to establish a connection. Below are some of the more common reasons and their associated remedies.

    The first step...

    If you are a subscriber, check to make sure that you activated NinjaTrader correctly. From the menu Help-->About, you should see your license code displayed. If the license code displays SIM-101 then run through the following steps -

    - Enter your license code via the menu Help-->Set License
    - Restart NinjaTrader and check the menu Help-->About and confirm your license.

    If it still displays SIM-101 proceed to the following post before moving any further.


    [align=left]If you are NOT a subscriber, please enter the code :[/align]


    [align=left]via the menu Help-->Set License and restart NinjaTrader.[/align]


    I receiveError 7: User alreadylogged in [/align]

    [align=left]This usually happens if your PC crashed or NinjaTrader did not shut down properly. Call your broker and have them reset your account. Then reboot your PC and log back in.

    I receive Error 7: Application Unknown

    Your broker has not properly authorized your account to use NinjaTrader. Call your broker and inform then that their servers are returning the error message (Error 7: Application Unknown) and that they have not set up your account properly. They should then be able to fix this within minutes.

    I try to connect but nothing happens...

    This is usually a result of incorrect server information entered in the Patsystems set up tab of the NinjaTrader settings Manager. First verify that you have the following information from your broker:

    User Name
    Host Address
    Host Port
    Price Address
    Price Port
    If the broker's server are SuperTAS enabled (yes or no)

    This is the information that you will need to enter into the Patsystems set up tab of the NinjaTrader Settings Manager.

    - A common mistake is that the server is a SuperTAS server and this option does not have a 'check mark' beside it.

    - Check each of the parameters that you entered in the NinjaTrader Patsystems set up tab character by character and ensure that there are periods where periods are suppose to be, the numbers are correct, user name/password combination are correct and that there are no additional spaces trailing any of the server address values.

    - Is the server type correctly set up? If you are connecting to your live trading account, then the server type should be set to 'LIVE'. If you are testing NinjaTrader on a temporary free trial offered through a broker then ask them if the server should be set to 'LIVE' or 'TEST'.

    If all settings are correct, press the'Apply' button

    I receive a Password Expired or Invalid Error Message

    - Doublecheck your password in thePatsysystems set up tab of the NinjaTraderSettings Manager.

    - Some brokers require that you reset your password. This can happen at specified intervals throughout the year or upon new account creation. In the Patsystems set up tab of the NinjaTrader Settings Manager, place a check mark beside 'New Password', enter a new password in the 'New Password' field thatappears and pressthe 'Apply' button. The try and connect via the File-->Connect menu.[/align]


    [align=left]If all else still fails, try a quick PCreboot and try again. Ifyou are still unable to get connected, please send an email to [email protected].[/align]

    [align=left]NinjaTrader Support

    RayNinjaTrader Customer Service

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