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Multiple Setups using ATM

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    Multiple Setups using ATM


    I trade the ES futures and have a question about how best to accomplish what I want to do using ATM. I have my ATM all set and it works fine.

    What I do is place an order using an ATM with the following;

    1 limit order for entry
    2 Profit Targets
    1 Stop Limit order

    What I usually place this order as the market opens at a certain price.

    If that price never gets hit then I look for a different type of setup that also uses the same ATM (same order rules). I never know which one order will get hit during the day but I want to leave them both in place so I stay in the Globex queue.

    When I tried this today by placing a second order (other order was sitting there not filled) it seemed as it just added the number of contracts to my original order at a new price. What I mean is in the matrix I did not notice a separate stop or limit orders for the stop limit or multiple profit targets for the second order.

    I want these orders to use the same ATM rules but be independent of each other.

    Hope this makes sense but if not feel free to ask and I will try to explain it better.

    Can you let me what is the best way to accomplish this.

    Thank you

    Hello Trumpy,

    Thank you for your post.

    One of the great features of NinjaTrader is its ability to submit two entry orders, one which will cancel if the other is filled.
    You can accomplish a breakout/breakdown approach by:
    • Right click in the SuperDOM and select the menu "OCO Order" to enable this function
    • For your first order, select the desired option from the "ATM Strategy" drop down list
    • Submit your stop order to buy above the market
    • For your second order, select the desired option from the "ATM Strategy" drop down list
    • Submit your stop order to sell below the market
    • CRITICAL Right click in the SuperDOM and select the menu "OCO Order" to disable this function
    For a market fade approach just subsitute limit orders for stop orders. This entry technique is demonstrated in our free ATM Level I training class that we hold several times per week.
    Click here complete schedule of our various free training sessions
    Click here for more information on submitting orders in the SuperDOM
    Ryan O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi - Sorry I was not clear enough in my description, my fault. What I'm trying to do is not bracket orders although I can see how you interpreted this way.

      What I want is to apply a different order with it not being cumulative to the existing strategy. ie. Essentially I use the same strategy but I don't want the orders to add to each other I want them to be independent with their own stops and profit targets (but they have the exact same rules.

      In the video on ATM - http://www.ninjatrader-support.com/H...l?VideoLibrary

      It mentions being able to go to Tools > Options > Strategy and unchecking "Apply fills to active strategy".

      I have Version 6.5.1000.14 and cannot see this option.

      In thinking about this maybe what I have to do is just create another ATM strategy and switch back and forth when I need to. I was just looking for a way to keep it as simple as possible to eliminate human errors.

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        Thank you for clarifying.

        You can do this by using the Display Selected ATM Strategy Only setting in the SuperDOM properties as the ATM Strategy Selection Mode. This will modify each ATM strategy independently of one another. Please see the following link for more information.
        Ryan O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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