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Ninja-TS Problem?

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    Ninja-TS Problem?


    I have a NT multi broker account. I connect NT with IQFeed to get the data and then with my IB-real account to use the NT Automatic systems that I have.

    NT version 6.5.1000.13.
    IB 895.3(I downloaded through your web-page)

    They work fine.

    A few weeks ago, I started to use TradeStation (version the last one), connecting with NT (via E-mail) to send the orders to IB (all in automatic). It worked fine.

    In TS I was using a symbol (with strategy) that I was not using (charting, using a strategy) in NT, it worked fine too (as in Sim101 account as IB real account).

    Until today that I tried to use a Symbol (with strategy) in TS that I already had in NT (chart with strategy). Not the same strategy.

    The symbol is FAZ. I tried SKF with the same results.

    So, I will resume my steps. thus you will be able to see if I made a mistake.

    First I connect NT, then IQFeed and IB and put my strategies in NT (all ok). Then I open TS, when TS is charged (the data), the strategy sends two orders via e-mail, NT give me an error

    "There is not market data available to drive the simulation engine. Affected Order: BuyToCover 900 [email protected],1"

    and then NT block the chart (FAZ) that I am using in NT with a strategy, I can reload the historical data, but do not work. I tried to reinitiate NT and the same. So I had to restart Windows XP and then wokrs fine (only NT without TS).

    Any ideas. Am I doing anything worng?

    Is it posible to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

    fregindes, welcome to the forums - first let me clarify what you attempt to do - executing a TradeStation and NinjaScript strategy using IQFeed for backfilling of data to your live IB account, correct?

    What do you mean by connect to TS in this regard? The execution of your strategy would come through the email interface, a connection through the External data feed would need to be present if you also wanted to get the data from TS, which I suppose would not be needed in your setup.

    So I would suggest you connect first to IQ Feed, then to IB in NinjaTrader.

    Then sure the External symbol mapping for FAS and SKF is set propely to allow for executions to be picked, then check you workspace options to include your IB live account in the workspace name, in case you wanted to execute on the IB live account (the error you got suggests you placed orders on the Sim101 account) -

    BertrandNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Yes, I have NT NinjaScript strategy using IQFeed for backfilling of data to my live IB account.

      And now I am trying to send TS orders using the e-mail interface in NT to my live IB account.

      And yes I connect first IQFeed and then IB.

      So this is my problem:

      if I let NT to send to my real IB account those orders that recive by e-mail from TS, yes that works fine.

      But my chart in NT stops (with treir strategy, ONLY the same symbol, the others work) and I need to restart at least NT.

      If I do the same with Sim101 account one of the orders is rejected, and again my chart in NT is stoped.

      If IB recive the orders, I thing the External symbol maping is fine.

      Any ideas. What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks in advance.


        automated strategy

        would you mind saying which strategy you are using that automate the signals to order routing to IB as I am also trying to do the same thing.
        I have used powercapital and is a new product and have issues in displaying signals correctly.
        Thks and appreciate your response

        Kumaersh N


          Hi Bertrand,

          thank you for your quickly response. To clarify. I will try to explain it better.

          I start NT then connect IQFEED and then IB.

          In NT I have a chart, FAZ 1 min with strategy-A, works fine.

          Then I start TS with one chart, FAZ 15 min with strategy-B. still working fine.

          When I check in TS the "Generate strategy orders for display in TradeManager's Strategy Orders tab" box and press "Close", TS sends 2 email/orders that NT recive and send to IB. That worked fine BUT in NT my chart FAZ 1 min stops reciving IQFeed data and I need to restart NT.

          Would it be posible to have these 2 charts/with-strategies working at the same time?

          Thanks in advance. Regards.



            fregindes, thanks for the reply - I would need to check into your logs and trace at the moment the data for FAS stops updating and you need to restart NT - please contact me using the Help > Mail to Support feature and then put Attn Bertrand in it's subject - thanks
            BertrandNinjaTrader Customer Service


              Hi Bertrand

              It seems like I could resolve the problem. I just uninstaled NT and instaled NT last version. Only I restored my Workspaces and my Strategies.

              Until now NT-IQFeed-IB work fine and TS email orders work too.

              Thanks for all. Regards.



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