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NinjaTrader Performance Reports for Version 5

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    Three features for those managing sets of clients accounts would be helpful.
    • It would be useful to be able to generate performance reports in ways that aren't always coincident with Position Strategies.

    When the Performance Report necessary to produce isn't neatly coincident with a Position Strategy or the other standard filtering critieria, it would be helpful to view the entire trade list for a given instrument or set of instruments and then filter the trades to be included in the performance report on a trade by trade basis.
    • It would also be helpful if the header on the report was modifiable by the user.

    Something like the Header and Footer Setup capability in Excel is an example of what would be tremendous. But it doesn't have to be that feature rich to be useful. Some simple 2 line header definition dialog would suffice.
    • It would also be helpful if an output option was an html file.

    If the first 2 of these capabilities existed, we're thinking we could use the Ninja Trader Performance Manager as the generator of Daily Trade and Performance Reports to clients. If the third feature existed, we wouldn't even need to touch the Ninja Trade output to be able to create the file which is accessed by clients. This would make the decision to use Ninja Trader Performance Manager as part of our detailed reporting process even more of a no-brainer.


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      Above all I need performance reports to be able to include all trades, not just position strategy trades.


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        A delight would be to see a chart of entry and exit points, which makes for a very efficient visual way to post-analyze trading. High class.


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          A few important things that I would like to see:

          **Most Important: A box where you would be able to change the number of contracts. This would help in scaling in, entering a larger position than your strategy is set for, scaling out in different amounts, reversing.

          Reversing: streamline programming. There seems to be a lot of slippage on reversing.

          Showing all exits on performance manager.

          Have a blank space on the strategy drop down list to select no strategy.

          Ability to shrink dom size which would shrink font size while decreasing it's size so you wouldn't lose any information.

          Ability to do sim entries.

          Ability to have multiple limit exits and be able to right click them to bring up a menu to cancel that order.

          Not sure if this is possible, but it would be great to be able to put a symbol on a chart in esignal or tradestation where entries and exits occured.


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            Right now the performance manager is of limited use for me. It does not really say why I took the trade and why I exited it. Was the trade trend or counter-trend? If I could save this information in NT it would be a vastly better tool and tell me a lot more about my trading.

            I would find it extremely beneficial to be able to track the following which I'm having to do (tediously) in a separate excel window currently.

            setup name/trade reason*
            trend or counter-trend*
            exit reason*
            trade comment

            It would be nice if the items with an asterisk(*) could be managed like an instrument, so you could just select from a drop down box.

            It would also be great if you could save a chart in png and/or jpeg format of the trade.



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              Being able to split out each entry/exit, combined, on a per contract basis, would address my biggest issue with Performance Manager.

              Changing the present checkbox on SuperDOM from SE to SS would be nice as I always think of SE as Simulated Entry, removing any ambiguity. Change the present SE to a Simulated Entry & place it in the Entry box on SuperDOM, where the location would remove the ambiguity.

              A means to more quickly change, or at least confirm, the simulation value in Instrument Manager from SuperDOM. Havingthe valuedisplayed in a light grey field would be a nice reminder versus having to remember said value for each instrument.

              The ability to split out each contract's stop once a strategy has been entered, just like can be done with targets (multiple contracts).

              The ability to split out targets & stops when scaling.

              Great job though! Please keep up the quick responses & excellent product!

              - Greg


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                I am also in favor of keeping the performance manager statistics based on strategies rather than individual entries and exits. I scale in/out on most trades with varied size so this gives a truer sense of my activity. However, keeping an exportable/printable log of individual executions would be great as it wouldsave me a lot of manual data entryin excel. An equity graph would also be nice...measurable over specified days...anyway you can make the input windows for contract size/scale contracts larger...I can barely see them and the adjustment arrows.

                Keep up the great work!!

                I love this platform it has helped me tremendously


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