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    I have a problem. It has been several days since I traded on a EURUSD chart. A few minutes ago, I started using it. I use the ChartTrader and trade from the chart. When an order is entered, the Chevron with the gn/ls shows the initial commission but does not update. If I enter a long at 0.1 M with a 5 pip gain and close the position the execution summary shows a loss.

    This problem is not occurring with any of the other futures instruments. It appears to be limited to EURUSD only.


    Hello rtj4201,

    Can you please tell me what exact initial commission is displayed when you enter an order. What last traded price is reported at this moment as well.

    How did you setup commissions? Did you setup commissions for the EURUSD individually. Go to Tools-->Instrument Manager, highlight the EURUSD in the 'Available master instruments' section and click Edit. Select the Misc-tab and tell me how you setup commissions as per the data feed you are using.

    Or did you setup commissions via Tools-->Options-->Commissions-tab?

    In addition, can you please let me know to what data feed you connect.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Commission displayed in chevron? $2.50 Entry Price 1.3589

      I had to reload the program on a new laptop. Commissions were not set.

      I went to the eurusd instrument and when i edited it, i found that the tick was set to 0.000025. that explains why i had to multiply the horizontal grid by 4 to get the price scale on the chart correct. i changed it to 0.00005, went to chart but chevron is still not displaying gn/ls on order execution only the commission. i had not input commission structure so i put a commission on the eurusd instrument.

      i also went to tools options and put a commission in there. when i reloaded software, i did not do that. however, for futures, it seemed to keep the keep the old commission structure???

      Data feed is Interactive Brokers?

      I need to get this corrected. This is a little scary?


        I am getting partial fills on the eurusd sim. but if i order 0.1m euros and i get a 10 pip gain on a long position it is showing up in the trades, account performance as a loss.

        once an order is entered, the chevron only displays -2.50 no matter what the price does. if price goes up chevron still reads -2,5o if price goes down chevron reads -2.50. when trade is closed, trade summary shows a loss.


          Ok, i see the problem.

          go to tools, instrument, edit eurusd.

          the point value was set to 1

          i set the tick size to 0.00005 to agree with interactive brokers.

          what is the setting for point value? 100,000?


            Please leave the EURUSD settings to default. Set Tick Size to 0.00001 and Point Value to 100000.

            You will need to set 'Quote currencies (FX) in' to HalfPip as per the IB connection guide below.

            FOREX Trading Requirements

            If you are trading curency (forex) instruments with Interactive Brokers you must set the quote display to show prices in 1/2 pips.

            1. Start NinjaTrader
            2. From within the Control Center window, select "Tools > Options"
            3. Select the "Misc" tab
            4. Select "HalpPip" option for "Quote currencies (FX) in:" setting as per the image below

            In addition, can you please ensure the order quantity is set to 0.1M when you submit the order.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              when i set the instrument to 0.0001, charttrader will not do the quotes in halp pips even though i set the currency fx to half pip. also, when i set the horizontal grid to 1 the interval between full pips should be 1/2 pips but the chart vertical scale reads 0.0000 for every half pip.


                Hello rtj4201,

                Unfortunately this is as expected; the Y-axis will scale to the highest high and lowest low that is visible. It will display increments as per the highest high and lowest low. If there is not much difference between these two values, increments will be small. If these values differ greatly, the increments will be larger. You cannot set fixed Y-axis increments.

                The 'Horizontal grid line interval' option is not related to the Y-axis.

                Note that NinjaTrader 7 will support fixed scaling in the charts. More information regarding NinjaTrader 7 can be found at the following link.

                New Fixed or Automatic Scale Range
                Each panel in a chart contains three scales, right, left and overlay. Each scale's range can be automatically calculated based on the highest high and lowest low of all plotted objects or the scale can be manually set by defining the value as per the image below. You can also set the scale range via mouse dragging in the y axis. If the range is manually set (Fixed) an "F" in the upper right portion of the panel will be displayed. You can also set the scale to be linear or logarithmic.
                JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                  whether it is related or not i know not, but the only way to get the vertical scale to show the halp pip is to set the instrument to 0.00005. then when you put in the horizontal grid interval it will display the vertical axis correctly.


                    Please do not use different values for tick size and point value; this could generate issues upon trading live.

                    The Y-axis scale increments are determined by the highest high and lowest low as explained in my previous post. You could (de)compress the Y-axis as well to alter the increments. Click and hold the left mouse on the right side of the Y-axis and move up or down.
                    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                      so on the instrument you want tic = 0.0001 and point value of 100,000?????


                        I need some help. I cannot use Forex with NT and Interactive Brokers.

                        I have EURUSd instrument editor the tick set to 0.0001 and the point value 100,000. I have the horizontal grid interval on the EURUSD chart set to 1 tick. I have the tools options quotes currencies FX set to 1 pip.

                        The vertical scale reads every two ticks instead on one.

                        If i change the tools options qutoes currencies FX set to 1/2 pip and the horizontal grid interval to 1 tick, then i get every other line as 0.0000 and when i execute a trade, if it hits one of the lines it executes as 0.0000.

                        This is about the third time i have asked for help with this. Basically, i cannot use Ninja Trader for Forex.

                        What do I have to do to get this fixed???? Metatrader??


                          The trades in SIM are misreported.

                          I really need some help.


                            I am going to uninstall NT and IB TWS. Something is really wrong.



                              Jason is not in yet.

                              Can you please send a note to support at ninjatrader dot com and refer to this post. Also put in the note 'For Vince'
                              Vince B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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