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repair and reset Database

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    repair and reset Database

    when do we have to repair and reset Database? and how are they different?
    when we reset db, do we lose the workspace, indicator settings?


    My notes are below:
    when do we have to repair and reset Database?
    >>You never HAVE to. We recommend you reset your db when any issue happens in NT. We recommend reseting your db when it is very large. So large it is slowing down your computer.

    and how are they different?
    >>Repair, repairs and reset, creates a new one (leaving your old one in Documents>NinjaTader 6.5>db.

    when we reset db, do we lose the workspace, indicator settings?
    >>A list of what will be reset should pop-up and you can confirm that that is what you want to do or cancel it.
    DenNinjaTrader Customer Service


      i almost have the same question ... except for ninja 7.0138 ... sooo does the same answer you gave still hold true for ninja 7

      im thinking i might just do an uninstall / reinstall but wanted some thoughts (both pro &con)

      i feel that over the months / years ... that i have imported and fooled around with many different scripts ... that i would maybe feel better if i were able to "clean up" most of the scripts that i do not use anymore ... your thoughts...



        For the 'cleanest' NinjaTrader, you could perform a complete uninstall and reinstall as you suggest.

        it's really a matter of if you think it will be easier to start from the ground up or if you think removing items piece by piece (from the top down) would be easier/quicker/better.

        If you think you can quickly restore the indicators you need on a new install, I would recommend that route. Here are steps for a complete uninstall/reinstall:
        • Close all running applications.
        • Uninstall NinjaTrader within Windows Control Panel.
        • Navigate to your Documents folder > Right click on the 'NinjaTrader 7' folder > Rename > rename the folder to 'NinjaTrader 7 OLD'. DO NOT delete this folder.
        • Navigate to C:\ > Program File (x86) > Delete the 'NinjaTrader 7' folder if it exists
        • Reboot your machine.
        • Once these steps are completed, download and install NT7 from the link below.
        • http://ninjatrader.com/PlatformDirect

        If you decide to go for the 'top down' approach, I'd first start by cleaning out any unused NinjaScripts. Here are steps to do so:
        • To remove NinjaScript individually you can go to Tools > Edit NinjaScript > Indicator/Strategy > Select the indicator/strategy you wish to remove > Delete. Repeat these steps for all indicators/strategies you wish to remove.
        • Indicators/strategies can come as packages called 'assemblies'. If you've installed indicators/strategies using a .exe file instead of importing it using a .zip file it is most like an assembly and will need to be removed by going to File > Utilities > Remove NinjaScript Assembly > Select the assembly you wish to remove > Remove.

        I would not recommend dissecting NinjaTrader further without our support. I would also not recommend resetting your database without our analysis - it may be unnecessarily invasive. If you'd like to continue with specific support for your NinjaTrader, you can write us an email at PlatformSupport[AT]NinjaTrader[DOT]com so we can analyze the symptoms you're experiencing and then make specific recommendations for resolve any issues.
        Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          excellent response ... thanks ...

          im thinking on the complete uninstall ... but ... saving my templates and workspaces in another folder... to simply ... copy back over to the newly created ninja folders .... an only add back in ... the 3rd party scripts ive come to know & love ...

          just another follow up question .... id probably switch to 8 ... if the 3rd party indicators would migrate over... those 3rd party indicators have taken years of pain staking searching.

          thanks again !!!!!


            Unfortunately there is no way to automatically convert indicators from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8. The links below goes into detail regarding this:



            I would first recommend reaching out to the original developers of the indicators you're referring to to see if they are working on or have a version of NinjaTrader 8.

            Another resource would be to search the NinjaTrader 8 file sharing forums to see if there is an identical or comparable indicator for free on our forums.

            Our NinjaScript Team will be happy to provide the resources necessary to assist you with converting any NinjaScripts from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8 yourself. You'll need some basic programming skills to go down this route. To facilitate this, contact us via email.

            Also, we have many third party developers available as a resource who may have the indicators you need for NinjaTrader 8, or could program them for you. If you're interested in this, contact us via email.
            Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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