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Ninjatrader fails to connect with TWS (IB)

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    Ninjatrader fails to connect with TWS (IB)

    I am trying to connect to connect with Ninjatrader to TWS from interactive brokers. I have double checked all settings, everything seems to be ok.

    When I connect Ninjatrader starts up TWS and executes auto log in. After a short period running TWS, the program is closed again and restarts TWS. After a few tries I get a timeout error from NT. A yahoo connection is not a problem.

    Help to solve the problem would be very much appreciated.

    Versions used:
    TWS build 906.9 (Lynx platform, other Lynx users can connect)
    NT 6.5.10000.16

    Hi Guru trades,

    Lynx is a white label for IB which means they can only connect to IB. Something needs to be rewritten for it to be connected with us. Unfortunately we can't do this and don't have the info to do this.

    If there are any Lynx users are out there that can hook up their account with us, please share this with the community and us.
    Vince B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Same issue here... Perhaps support for IB Gateway would do the trick? Not sure though if this also suffers from the described whitelabel issue. Also not sure what and if there are current plans for supporting IB Gateway in NT? Issue is still strange to me as (and remarked in an earlier post I found) other software has no issues in connecting to the Lynx version of TWS (like fe jsystemtrader/jbooktrader). Anywayz, I also asked Lynx for an answer on this question. If something useful comes out of that one I'll drop a note in this thread.


        Well I have communicated with Lynx support today and according to them there is nothing different about 'their' version of TWS. Also according to them there are Lynx customers that use NT. But of course in the end I was referred to NT support for help in regards to getting this connection to work.

        So I hope a Lynx customer that is able to work with NT stumbles upon this thread and can explain how he/she did it.


          Hi Rorik,

          Unfortunately, the white-labeling of Lynx's version of TWS makes it impossible to connect NinjaTrader to TWS. With that said, you might contact Lynx to see if they can allow your account to use a standard, non white-labeled version.
          KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


            Hello Lynx Users,
            I was also looking for a solution to hookup Ninjatrader with TWS (Lynx labeled) and I don't know if you guys already found a solution. But following trick will do it:
            Current used versions:
            Ninjatrader: 6.5.1000.16
            TWS 4: Build 907.7, Aug 2, 2010 12:44:30 PM

            Open TWS. In menu bar click <Configure> and proceed as outlined below:
            <Global Configuration>
            On the right panel in "Titlebar text" there is a edit box. Enter following into it:
            "Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation"
            Check the setting: Use system title bar (Change requires a restart).

            Hope this solves your problem


              It works fine...


              the solution from mokuku works. Thanks a lot !
              A connection was established and data transmitted.

              My current versions:
              Build 907.7, Aug 2, 2010 12:44:30 PM


                Hello Lynx Users,

                I have tried two days to establish communication.

                From the homepage of Ninja instal the TWS 911 loaded and NT 7.0.1000.1

                3 x was loaded the TWS and then Ninja announces no connection.

                How in the tip grasps before it the text and immediately asks me the TWS whether I liked to accept the connection.

                Have connection and can indicate courses.

                I will still test whether a simply value reaches in the field, it may not be just only empty.

                with dear greetings


                  That Works

                  THanks it works !!!
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                    Connection to IB (TWS)

                    I tried to connect from NT 7.0.1000.7 (simulated trading lisence) to my working account IB using the connection "Interactive brokers", but received the message : Login failed: IB.Adapter.Start Tws : can't find register Key "Trader Workstation".
                    Help me, please !



                      Here is a forum post with a possible solution.

                      Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                        Ninja with IB

                        Is Ninja going to work with versions of TWS later than 918 in the near future ?


                          Hi Simon,

                          Thanks for your post.

                          Development is working towards supporting other versions, but I cannot provide an ETA for the support of newer versions at this time.
                          KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


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