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chart drawing error

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    chart drawing error

    when I run an optimization then sometimes it will happen, that the chart is not shown but red lines and error can be seen. I believe you have encountered this before. What strikes me now, is that I run this on few computers with beta13 (all but one) and beta20 (only one) as we do not test on betas higher than 14 as they are more unstable (do not want to discuss this right now as I am communicating with NT support through emails) and we have only one highest beta to test it.
    So imagine on Sunday I run optimization to end on Monday. On Monday I am sick and in bed but I checked if all is ok, I have seen test results with charts but felt so bad I postponed evaluation of results to Tuesday. Today I checked the PCs and see that everywhere are errors and graph cannot be seen. I did NOTHING in between, yesterday when I was closing remote desktop connection (through which I control tests in our data center) everything was ok. Just time passed. We have experienced this error many time before but only as a result of longer lasting test, not quick test lasting 2 hours that finished ok (when I clicked yesterday, charts were changing and NT was working fine, today I log in and see there is error). What is NT doing by itself that by itself can cause an error when the user does not touch the NT?

    What is another interesting fact, is that beta 20 did not save into log and trace files information about this eroor, but beta13 did log about drawing. To resolve this error I am sending you both trace and log files from beta 20 (there is nothing logged) and from beta13 (which I still consider more stable). I have been told that you no longer support beta13, from my communication withNT support I have the feeling that as you do not support older betas that you will just ignore beta 13 log file and as in beta20 you will find nothing you will not consider this a problem. I hope you will sooner or later change this practice.

    I am looking forward to hear that this error will not be present in the next beta version. If you need anything, just ask for it.
    Attached Files

    Hello nicknamed,

    The NinjaTrader 7 trace file (8/23) contains the same crash as listed in the NinjaTrader 6.5 trace file.

    2010-08-23 09:26:36:186 ********* exception trapped *********
    2010-08-23 09:26:36:186 V rozhraní GDI+ došlo k obecné chybě.
    2010-08-23 09:26:36:186 v System.Drawing.Graphics.Clear(Color color)

    "yesterday when I was closing remote desktop connection (through which I control tests in our data center) everything was ok"

    Could this have been at the same time of the crash above?

    Do I understand correctly you have NinjaTrader running on a PC at different location, which you access via remote access software from a PC at home?
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Maybe yes, I felt horribly yesterday and do not remember it precisely. I guess it was much later when I did check that, but yes, it is possible as I cannot deny it.
      Yes, I use standard remote desktop in windows 7 64bit.


        Ok, could you please tell me what exact steps you performed when you used standard remote desktop. I am not familair with it.

        Can you please check if you can reproduce the crash when you perform the same steps.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          1: command prompt "mstsc" + enter, I enter IP address and then the windows will start and I will log in then if anybody else is connected to that computer it will log out him and log me in. As I am 99 % of time the only who logs in and out, then I log in, is shows welcome and turns on the current user - like switching users in windows, then I see the desktop with running processes. All Windows 7 use all Czech language environment. No other special settings or programs is used or installed.
          This error happens rarely and is not replicable. For example today I logged maybe 8x to various computers and it did not happen. It happens only when I see finished results of optimization even when I am logged constantly so I would not blame the remote desktop. For example I saw 1st results of one optimization, then I run second and wanted to see third together with previous two, but it was not possible as during second or third the NT hanged or showed this. The hanging problem is common during our testing and your support struggle to solve it, but this graphic I think can be solved just am not sure how to help.
          Other friends that use NT7 beta / users of NT experienced this chart error too but also cannot replicate it (I would write you the procedure in my first post if I would see it is replicable).


            I see, thank you for clarifying. I have reported your findings to Development.

            I tested multiple optimizations on my end, however I could not reproduce the crash so far. Please let us know if you discover steps that will reproduce this crash consistently.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              Wow, not even the beta20 reported correctly this error (just new optimization I have to run again):

              2010-08-24 23:37:31:658 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Data.Bars.GetBarsNow: instrument='XME' from='2006-12-31' to='2010-08-24' period=1 Min splitAdjusted=False dividendAdjusted=False bars=0 session='Default 24/7'
              2010-08-24 23:40:05:880 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Data.Bars.GetBarsNow: instrument='XPH' from='2006-12-31' to='2010-08-24' period=1 Min splitAdjusted=False dividendAdjusted=False bars=0 session='Default 24/7'
              2010-08-24 23:40:46:565 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Data.Bars.GetBarsNow: instrument='CORN' from='2006-12-31' to='2010-08-24' period=1 Min splitAdjusted=False dividendAdjusted=False bars=0 session='Default 24/7'
              2010-08-24 23:40:47:907 in OnUnhandledThreadException
              2010-08-24 23:40:48:172 ********* exception trapped *********
              2010-08-24 23:40:48:172 V rozhranĂ* GDI+ došlo k obecnĂ© chybÄ›.
              2010-08-24 23:40:48:172 v System.Drawing.Graphics.Clear(Color color)
              v NinjaTrader.Gui.PerformanceViewerControl.PaintNow( Graphics graphics, Rectangle bounds)
              v NinjaTrader.Gui.PerformanceViewerControl.pnlGraph_ Paint(Object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
              v System.Windows.Forms.Control.PaintWithErrorHandlin g(PaintEventArgs e, Int16 layer, Boolean disposeEventArgs)
              v System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmPaint(Message& m)
              v System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
              v System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.W ndProc(Message& m)
              v System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

              --------------------- then as there was midnight follows:
              2010-08-25 00:10:22:014 Gui.WorkspaceOptions.ApplicationExit
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: deactivating hot keys
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: shutting down news timer
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: shutting down message timer
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: shutting down file type watcher
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: shutting down ATI server
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: disposing autoTrade component
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: shutting down data server
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:414 Gui.Globals.AppExit: shutting down SMTP server
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:429 Gui.Globals.AppExit: closing connections
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:445 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close1
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:445 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close2
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:445 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close3
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:445 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close4
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:554 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close5
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:554 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close6
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:554 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close8
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:554 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) IQFeed.Adapter.DisconnectNow
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:570 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) IQFeed.Adapter.Cleanup
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:585 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.ProcessEventArgs.ConnectionStatusEv entArgs Disconnected Disconnected NoError
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:585 (Telvent DTN IQFeed) Cbi.Connection.Close9
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:585 Gui.Globals.AppExit: closing replay connection
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:585 Server.Client.Close
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:601 Cbi.Globals.ApplicationExit
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:601 Db.Globals.ApplicationExit
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:616 Cbi.License.ApplicationExit
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:632 Data.Collective2Adapter.ApplicationExit
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:632 Checking backup reminder...
              2010-08-25 00:10:26:632 ************************ Session End ************************
              2010-08-25 00:10:31:000 ******************* Session Start (Version

              I was logged in, so now the remote desktop definitely could not cause that.


                I think it had to happen just at the end of the optimization or just around it right now as I was waiting for the test to finish, just working on another computer.


                  Hello nicknamed,

                  Could you please translate the text in the crash.

                  2010-08-23 09:26:36:186 V rozhraní GDI+ došlo k obecné chybě.
                  2010-08-23 09:26:36:186 v System.Drawing.Graphics.Clear(Color color)
                  JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                    V rozhraní GDI+ došlo k obecné chybě.
                    2010-08-23 09:26:36:186 v System.Drawing.Graphics.Clear(Color color)

                    GDI+ interface experienced (throwed) general error
                    or In the GDI+ interface there was a general error (to follow order of the words in the Czech sentence, In English I would switch 1st and 2nd half of that sentence to express the same thing)

                    V (Czech) = In (English)


                      Hello nicknamed,

                      The crash you experienced could be related to a .NET Framework issue. Can you please uninstall/re-install .NET Framework 3.5.

                      While NinjaTrader and any other application on your PC is closed, please uninstall .NET Framework version 3.5. Do not reboot your PC. You can uninstall .NET Framework via the Windows Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs (XP), Programs and Features (Vista).

                      Once uninstalled, please clear your browser cache and download & install .NET Framework 3.5 at the link below.
                      JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                        ok, I will try that later today or tomorrow, then I will let you know, thanx for the tip!


                          I got just today to try reinstall (got to finish some tests before this) but I have Win7 64bit and there is no option to uninstall .NET 3.5 or any other version of .NET, I tried to search MSFT website for an hour or two how to uninstall it and found nothing useful for 3.5 (there is plenty of hints for older versions). When I tried to reinstall it, the installation end without warning just when basic files are extracted (I used full file, not the web setup). Is there any other way how to reinstall .NET. Are you really sure the problem is caused by .NET?



                            Yes - development has concluded that the issue here is related to .NET.

                            With Windows 7, .NET is added as part of the operating system. We'll start by attempting to repair the framework.

                            Please click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > double click "Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0" and choose Repair. Next do the same to Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.*, if this does not fix it or if it is not avialable from that location, please let me know.
                            KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


                              Unfortunately .NET programs are not available in that list. I tried that to find before and find out how to uninstall .NET on MSFT website, but did not succeed.


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