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Trend following

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    Trend following

    Hi everyone, I'm new here.

    I searched for a strategy here to do what I would like to do but I couldn't find it.

    I'm a discretionary trader(more than 4 years) and I want to incorporate a part of my discretionary trading plan towards a more systematic plan.

    I will start by saying that I have zero experience at programming but I hope that I will be able to build what I want with the help of Strategy Wizard.

    I would like to know if it's possible to use "Condition Builder" to make this condition:

    Let's say I open a long position on Eur/Usd with a size of 100 at 1.2500 then if the price will go to 1.2600 (100 pips move) then open another long position with a size of another 100, now I'm long 200 (so, basically what i want to do, is to open more positions IF the price is going in my favor. ----- While on the other hand, if the first position was filled and then the price was starting to go lower, then the that long position was liquidated at 1.2300(200 pips below).

    It is possible to make this type of rules on Strategy Wizard?

    Thank you. Sry for my english.

    Hi Kontrol,
    I have no idea if it can be done with the Wizard (never used it), but don't do it. Just make two strategies and see the results.



      Hi Baruch,
      Thanks for your respons.

      I think that the option for using two strategies is what I also wanted to choose but I'm not very sure from where to start. I'm very new into this field "programming".

      Can anyone please help me on Strategy Wizard to create a condition like: "if price rise 0.50% (half of a percent) then... true" and when that will be "true" then in the "Do the following" i will write the command to open a long position.

      Can please someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.


        You need to use two Sets.

        Set 1's Condition Builder
        Left: Price > Close of current bar (bars ago = 0)
        Right: Price > Close of previous bar (bars ago = 1), Offset = Percentage, Offset value = 0.005
        Middle: >=

        Action: Misc > Set user defined variable > Variable0 = 1

        Set 2's Condition Builder
        Left: Variable0
        Right: 0
        Middle: ==
        Action: Misc > Set user defined variable > Variable0 = 0
        Action: Order management > Enter long position
        Josh P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Hi Josh,

          Thank you for your help.

          I didn't figured it out, I mean, I built the conditions but when I test it in Market Replay, the strategy doesn't work as it should. It opens positions at random prices.

          Please take a look to see if I wrote it right. Chart 1 and chart 2.

          On Chart 3, is how I would like to make it work:

          For example, let's say that I opened the automatic strategy at point 1 and the price is 1.2975.
          (For this example I would not use the 0.50% , instead I will use a 25 pips move). And then the price is at 1.3000, here(point 2), the strategy should open first position(let's say quantity 100), then if the price rise further, then at 1.3025(point 3), the strategy should open another 100.

          And then, if the price go back to 1.2975(point 4), the strategy should close the position opened at Point 3 (should close the 100 position opened at 1.3025)

          And also, I would want that the strategy open/or close the position when the price cross this levels, not when it will close the current bar. For this issue, it is ok if I will un-check the "Calculate on bar close" ?

          Thank you.
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            Your second set doesn't make sense (pardon the typo in my original post). You have Variable0 equal to 0 as the condition. Instead you should have Variable0 checked against the value of 1.

            If you want the price to cross a certain price level you just have to tell it to be that certain price level instead of the previous bar in Set 1. On the right hand side just select numeric value and punch in the price level you want.

            You can use Calculate On Bar Close = false if you want.
            Josh P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              ok, I will see what I will do.

              Thanks Josh.


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