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simulate stock trade

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    simulate stock trade


    I am a new user of NT. I tried to learn how to use super DOM. I can only find simulation of futures (Simulator account). Since I am a stock trader, I am wondering whether I can simulate stock trade so I can understand better how my order management strategy work.

    My next question is there is a small "Trend" window and I cannot close it. What is it?

    Is there a "REV" button on SuperDom? I may want to reverse my position during the trade but I don't want to use automatic reverse on stop or target which isn't my intention.

    If I right click superdom window, there is an option called "Simulated Order". What does this do? If I connect to my IB live trading account, can I trade in simulation mode, ie, my order is not routed to IB but I can still use realtime data to get a feel of order fill etc

    Can I open both a long and short position on the same instrument at the same time? For example, I have a long term long position on a stock, but I still want to trade it intraday, especially when I want to short it intraday.

    Thank you.


    Great to have you onboard sunnyrain. The simulator account will work for stocks or any other instrument you wish to simulate trades in. It saves trade history on your computer in an account called "Sim101".

    The Trend window is for the Simulated Data Feed. What that feed does is it generates simulated ticks for your instruments. Pulling the trend slider up will make the simulated ticks go in an uptrend and down will make it go in a downtrend.

    There is a "REV" button in the SuperDOM. It is in the middle row under the price ladder section.

    I believe what the "Simulated Order" does is send the order to the Sim101 account instead of your live trading account. You could also put NinjaTrader in a Global Simulation Mode through File->Global Simulation Mode. That will route all trades to Sim101.

    I believe you cannot open a long and a short at the same time. I think it will first try to close your previous position before switching market sides.
    Josh P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      There are recurring, free webinars on a weekly base. Please click on the link in my signature. These are good starters where most if not all of your questions below are answered.
      DierkNinjaTrader Customer Service


        Hi Josh and Direk,

        Thank you for your quick reply. I checked training schedule but most of time it doesn't work for me.

        "The simulator account will work for stocks or any other instrument you wish to simulate trades in. It saves trade history on your computer in an account called "Sim101".

        Can you elaborate a little bit on this? Is this the market replay feature? When I have a superDoM window open, in its "instrument" list, I can only choose from a few future symbols, but there is no "stock" listed although I already choose "DOW 30" in instrument manager.

        I have a tradestation account. If I import historical data from tradestation, say yesterday's AAPL data, can I use it in market replay or I have to record the data?

        I found the "REV" button in superDOM, thank you.

        If I check "simulate mode" or "global simulation mode", I will be able to see realtime datafeed from IB instead of simulated data feed, but my order will be routed to Sim101 account?

        What is the difference between Dynamic SuperDom and Static SuperDOM? I read the doc but didn't really understand.

        Thank you.



          Hi sunnyrain:

          Once you are connected to any datafeed such as your datafeed from IB, the Market Replay datafeed or the Simulated datafeed, you may select and use Stocks in the Dynamic SuperDOM.

          Unfortunately, imported historical data cannot be used in the Market Replay function. Market Replay must be recorded data from your datafeed provider while having NT connected to this provider.
          Instructions on how to use Market Replay can be found here:

          A list of those broker/datafeed providers that you can connect to for real time data and instructions on how to connect can be found here:

          Currently, you are using our free version license key and therefore cannot submit live orders. You will always be in simulation mode and your trades will be executed in the built in Sim101 within NinjaTrader using the real time data you receive from IB.
          The only way to submit live orders to IB is via a purchase of a live license key and having your IB account selected in the account drop down of the SuperDOM.

          The only difference between the two SuperDOM's is that the Static SuperDOM has a price ladder this is static or fixed as opposed to the dynamic which can move with the prices. As mentioned before, only the Dynamic SuperDOM can be used for stocks.

          Lastly, I second Dierk's suggestion to attend our free daily webinars. We will cover all of these topics in the New User Orientation and the SuperDOM basic's classes. Each session lasts for about an hour and you can ask the presenter these questions while in attendance. I have included a link below to the complete list of events.

          If you cannot attend, please take a look at our Video Library in the link below:

          I hope this information helps. Enjoy your day and happy trading!
          RyanNinjaTrader Customer Service


            Thank you.


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