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Chart stuck at "Loading Data..."

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    Please keep it professional on the forum please.

    Also, if you are getting frustrated with the forum this is not the forums intent. Please email me directly at support at ninjatrader dot com and reference this post put ATTN: Brett in the subject line that way I can give you specific information on your setup/issue instead of you searching through tons of information. I'm familiur with this information and that is what I'm hear for to assist.

    Thank you.
    BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


      Error on loading chart data....

      I thought I had the same problem again today when I changed a chart from 60min TF to Daily. The normal wording "Loading Data...." appeared in the top left corner and it remained like that for about 15 seconds, but then instead of continuing indefinitely until I close NT7 as it would before, I just received the error message:

      E,Could not connect to History socket

      (That's the exact phrase, I'm not sure what 'E' means).

      The screen goes blank. I can switch back to the original TF.

      I'm on build 64-bit 7.0.1000.1

      Is this the same issue as discussed on this thread?
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        It would be appreciated if NT Support could keep us users up to speed on the issue, it seems that nothing is being done to fix the bug. Thanks.


          Question is their a fix for this?

          I guess the problem "Stuck at Loading Data"is still present as I was typing the the error message came up. Thanks
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            try this if u like it fixed mine
            exit NT
            open the NinjaTrader7 folder (i have win7 and this folder is in documents)
            delete folder db ( i think u lose changes to default instrument settings but its was a minor issue)
            open NT
            and keep an eye on bottom right of control panel u should see progress of data being reloaded and should be very active not stuck on an instrument.
            my conclusion was that the connection errors to historical servers were false and that the problem lay in the data previously stored and that normal house keeping functions dont do a complete job.
            only my opinion



              Goodmorning. Thanks for the post poeds. Yes this is a delete that you can do. If you dont want to delete your database settings. Then instead of deleting just the DB folder. Instead delete the minute, tick, cache, day folders inside the DB folder. This will delete all the chart data and allow new data to download fresh.

              Also, As far as the other posts in this forum thread. Loading Data.... is very similar to for example, my car wont start.

              There are a ton or reasons why this would occur and each case is different in what caused it to occur. Your best bet when you do find this to happen is to email support at NinjaTrader dot com , best way is from Help->Mail To Support in the control center with your log and trace files attached. This way we can troubleshoot your issue individually.

              Thanks You.
              BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


                Thank you...............


                  Originally posted by NinjaTrader_Brett View Post
                  what I'm more concearned about is why you keep dropping conections to the server. This is the root cause here we need to isolate.
                  Internet connectivity issues are what triggers the problem.

                  After all, TampaBay is "the lightning capital of the world".

                  The dropouts aren't happening right at my location. They occur somewhere between here and Chicago (but probably only a few blocks away.)

                  I'm not the only one with this problem.

                  I may be the only one rude enough to report it, but I'm not the only one with the problem.

                  And just for review, the problem is communications software that doesn't detect dropped packets by using timeout logic to recognize when an unreasonable period of time has gone by with no response, and then resending the packet which was not acknowledged, so recovery can occur without restarting the software or the hardware.


                    Originally posted by NinjaTrader_Brett View Post
                    Also, As far as the other posts in this forum thread. Loading Data.... is very similar to for example, my car wont start.

                    There are a ton or reasons why this would occur and each case is different in what caused it to occur. Your best bet when you do find this to happen is to email support at NinjaTrader dot com , best way is from Help->Mail To Support in the control center with your log and trace files attached. This way we can troubleshoot your issue individually.

                    Thanks You.
                    With all due respect Brett if you had better logging and better error messages you wouldn't have a hundred frustrated customers complaining about what appears to them to be the same problem.

                    Your metaphor is erm... unfortunate because the precursor to the problem is almost always a lot more involved than the user just turning the ignition key.

                    Plus of course it's even more frustrating when you the mechanic are only ever able to say "well my car here starts alright!".



                      Guys, Bottom line is please contact us at support at ninjatrader dot com or through help->Mail to support when this occurs. We are happy to work with you, to find the cause of the issue, I'm unable to assist with this issue on the forum since I have no diagnostic information of which to assist with on the forum on these issues.

                      Also, we have just found through the help of another user on diagnosing this issue through support that there is an issue with a linked market analyzer to a chart causing stuck loading data.... when switching instruments . This has been resolved in our next release of NinjaTrader. However this may or may not be related to what you are experiencing so if you experience this I still would request that you mail into support when it occurs with trace and log information so that we can look into this.

                      Thank You.
                      BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


                        I am having the same issue. It happens only with Minute charts. My Range charts are loading fine.
                        Just sent an email with trace and log files.



                          Seems you emailed into support this was the correct thing to. We have responded via email please continue there with support as we did identify an error in your trace. There is no need to open multiple tickets on same issue.

                          I look forward to assisting you further.
                          BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


                            I am also having the same issue. Only with minute charts, as well, it seems.

                            For weeks, I have been using NinjaTrader 7.0.2 and IB TWS 911.3 seamlessly. The last few days I made a few changes. I updated NT to the latest build. I also added an MBT Trading Demo Account to my connections and loaded charts based on their data as they offer historical tick data that IB does not.

                            Anyway, Now I'm trying to go back to using my IB connection/account and it won't load the minute charts. Tick charts work fine (with no historical data, of course).

                            I thought the problem might be IB historical data clashing with MBT historical data so I deleted all my historical data but that didn't make a difference.

                            I will send trace and log files to support but wanted to give you the background.



                              Me too! My car wont start either. Stuck on ":loading data..." I have NT7 latest build, IB TWS 911.3. Everything was fine till a few days ago. then BLAM!, no more charts. I'm not that tech savvy, but i feel when the charts say "loading data" it should do it. Mine and many others' time is valuable. I'm becoming more of an IT guy than an investor, spending more time troubleshooting then trading. Is there any info, yet on this? Does the delete data base trick work? If so does the problem return? what has been done to fix the other posters problems?

                              This PC is new and used only for trading. Windows 7 64b. no surfing, no downloads. verizon dsl, avira antivirus.

                              Thank you.

                              I see IB is having some problems with there historical servers, I hope this corrects my situation, cuz I can't pull up any charts, not just forex
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                                I'm still getting "Download in progress... Please see the Control Celter Status Bar for progress update" on a Download of a basket of instruments from the Historical Data Manager.

                                There was an error in the Control Center's Log tab that says:
                                6/15/2011 10:53:03 PM Default Failed to call 'Add' method for period type 'Tick': Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
                                6/15/2011 10:53:06 PM Default Connection to NinjaTrader historical market data server lost: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

                                Then 10-seconds later there was this message:
                                6/15/2011 10:53:16 PM Connection Connection to NinjaTrader historical market data server established.
                                Then no other messages for the last 10-hours. And the bottom of the control center says "Loading data ... ES 06-11 (3/1/2011 - 6/15/2011).

                                Apparently it ran out of memory when it was trying to load the (18) futures contracts in the instrument list I had selected.

                                I had selected March 1st as the start date and June 15th as the end date for the download, and had day+minute+tick and "last" (no bid, no ask) selected. (I'm doing this from memory because this download historical data screen grays out my selections while displaying the worthless message "Download in progress" -- how about displaying a progress update here instead? Then at least I'd be able to tell how many of the 18-instruments it completed - if any - or how many days it got completed - as it is there's just no telling, so I have to do it all over again.)

                                I had a10 charts open at the time which weren't doing much of anything because of the late hour when I started the download.

                                This is real easy to reproduce. I've seen this half a dozen or more times while monitoring this support thread, and I don't use the download historical data all that often.

                                So sometimes the loading data error is not coming from my internet connection.

                                This is on a system that's been upgraded to 7.0.1000.6.

                                Also, when I click on "Abort" at the lower right of the Control Center (I just did this), it doesn't do anything except switch the message to "Aborting. Please wait..."

                                How long is this supposed to take to abort? [I've just waited 20-minutes and it still gives the same message.]

                                Is there some particular amount of time that NinjaTrader will wait before it gives up on a download historical data request?

                                Meanwhile, I tried starting a Time & Sales window for the TF 09-11 instrument and it displays no data (whereas it displays fine on 2 other systems on other desks here.)

                                I suspect all data is hung because of this "Aborting" not really aborting.

                                Another 20-minutes have gone by and the "Aborting. Please wait..." is still there. It's now 55 minutes since I clicked on Abort, so now I restart NinjaTrader.


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