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Problems connecting to Esignal data

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    Problems connecting to Esignal data

    I have esignal exchange waiver package and trying to get gold futures (GC) to pull up in my Ninja charts 6.5. Apparently esignal has a unique format for Gc (f=1) and i get error message in Ninja saying i am not entitled. How do i map the esignal data format so i can pull up real time and historical charts using that esignal data in NT 6.5. Tks

    Hello booker777,

    Please see my response below that I just sent you as per the email you sent us as well.

    By default the GC instrument has 'GC' listed for symbol mapping as per eSignal. Please go to Control Center-->Tools-->Instrument Manager, highlight the GC and click Edit. Select the Misc-tab and you will see all symbol mapping for each supported data feed.

    Please change it to GCF=1 and click Ok. Remove the GC from your instrument list and subsequently re-add it now that it is using new symbol mapping. Check if you receive data.

    In addition, when I check the eSignal symbol mapping guide, it does list GC Z0 as symbol map. This would translate to GC in NinjaTrader - the month and year are assigned elsewhere in NinjaTrader.
    http://kb.esignalcentral.com/al/12/4/highlight.aspx?cp=12&kbid=4&type=0&tag=True&afile= 2696.html&hilt=0&docid=&f=1

    If GCF=1 does not work, please enter GC=1 as symbol mapping and check again.

    If the issue remains, please send me your eSignal username and password, so I can test it on my end.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      I have the same problem.. Cannot connect to NYMEX and COMEX eSignal symbols in the fee waiver program.

      If you look at the knowledge base article in the link you will see there are really three variants. There is the standard GC F1 variant.
      There is the Globex 24 hour variant which is GC F1=1.
      And then there is the RTH pit hours only variant which is GC F1=2.

      The same symbology applies to the other NYMEX and COMEX instruments like SI, CL, NG, etc... (But not to the QM).

      If you are on the fee waiver program, only the Globex variant can be used, i.e the GC F1=1.
      Use of the GC F1 (and the CL F1, SI F1) are not a part of the Fee waiver program and require large monthly subscription add ons.

      It does not apply to the emini indexes, the Bonds, the notes, and the Foreign Exchange.. For those the existing mapping works fine (I.e. ES Z0, ZN Z0, 6E Z0 and the emini oil QM Z0).

      When can we get this mapping for the CL, GC, SI, NG, etc?




        Unfortunately these instruments are not supported due to the "=1" mapping that is required.

        It is on development's list of future considerations. The issue has been reported at the link below as well.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Any eta on this issue, the CME waiver has been around for a few months already, how come this has not been implemented already on NT's side? How difficult is it to change the format with a "=1" mapping?


            It is on the list of considerations. Unfortunately I am not sure if and when it will be supported.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              Problems connecting to eSignal data

              To whom it may concern:

              I have been using NinjaTrader for a couple of years and I have purchased a lifetime subscription to NinjaTrader. I have also been using eSignal for 8 years and have been very happy with their service and their product. In the years I've been using eSignal, I have developed a few simple formulas that have been programmed into eSignal. As of the beginning of 2011, I can no longer get NYMEX and NYBOT charts on my NinjaTrader platform, due to the fact that I was taking advantage of the CME fee-waiver program. It seems that the management at NinjaTrader is either unwilling or unable to adjust to the change in symbols from eSignal for the fee-waiver program. It has also come to my attention that eSignal attempted to buy NinjaTrader. It seems that there are ill feelings between NinjaTrader and eSignal, and NinjaTrader is now putting the consumer and their customers in the middle of this battle. I, as a lifetime subscriber, do not appreciate being put in this position. It has also been made clear that NinjaTrader in one form or another is trying to force its subscribers to start using Kinetick as its data provider. I personally have too much time and effort invested in eSignal to start switching data providers, nor do I appreciate the fact that I am being pushed to do this. If you and eSignal cannot work out your differences, then as a subscriber I have two alternatives. I can drop eSignal, or I can drop you. As you are aware eSignal is not the only data provider out there, and NinjaTrader is not the only trading platform out there. It would behoove you to work out your differences with eSignal and keep the subscribers out of the middle.



                I appreciate that you are a lifetime license holder and have trusted in NinjaTrader to provide you with the best trading technology available. We have never had a discussion with eSignal regarding an acquisition or investment with our company thus some of the ideas in your post are out of context. There is no ill will between NinjaTrader and eSignal. With respect to your specific issue, it’s a straight forward case of our inability to make any changes at this time. We had reviewed the change requirements and determined that the effort and implications of such a change were prioritized at a much lower level than other development tasks. We prioritize our development to address issues that have critical impact to the majority before tackling issues that are more localized.

                I thank you for taking the time to express your concern although I do realize that my response is not the outcome you are seeking.

                Founder & CEO of NinjaTrader, LLC
                RayNinjaTrader Customer Service



                  I was wondering if a year has been enough time for this to make it on the development list?

                  More and more people are using the globex fee waiver as it saves significant $ over time. I'm surprised there have not been more inquiries here in the last year.



                    Hello tradermike,

                    This item remains on development's list of future considerations. Unfortunately, there is still no word on if or when support would be added for this data.
                    KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


                      I too have been waiting forever for support for the eSignal CME Fee waiver symbols to be supported...Come on NinjaTrader... This is straightforward symbol mapping... Please take a break from supporting all those Add on packages...most of which (all in my case) are useless... and add this support.




                        I will forward this request to development.

                        Thank You.
                        BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


                          Thank you... there is already a number assigned for this request... #744... which has been outstanding since 8/8/11... 6 months and counting....



                            Can we get the support for the CME Fee Waiver yet with esignal? It's been at least 18 mo's just from this thread?



                              Welcome to the NinjaTrader support forums and thanks for the post.

                              There has been no change at this time on this. I will add your vote to the tracking system to support these symbols in NinjaTrader.

                              BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


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