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    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    Do you have the ATI enabled?
    Yes, I was able to get the cash value for a couple of different simulation accounts (please see

    Who are you connected to for real-time data?
    NinjaTrader Continuum (on a non-live trading license)

    Is this during a session?
    Apologies, please clarify. I am simply starting Ninjatrader and attempting to the programs (yours and mine).

    Are you seeing real-time ticks appear on a chart?
    NinjaTrader's data feed seems to be working just fine, I see the ticks in the chart.



      Just to clarify, I do have a live brokerage account with you guys, just did not pick the live license account yet. Looking forward to resolving testing issues before I can move to live trading. Please let me know if this has any bearing on working with ATI of if this is something else, thank you.


        I realized I am not really able to see stock ticks (since I had only been looking at futures contracts), I went in your code, and switched AAPL to "ZN 09-17" and I got data back, now I am going to try to figure out why my sample program is not working by looking at your code.

        Please let me know if you see anything wrong with my sample program, thank you.


          I switched "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\NinjaTrader 8\\bin\\NtDirect.dll" for "C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64\\NtDirect.dll" and that worked. Anyways, your post and example helped, thank you.


            Originally posted by NinjaTrader_ChelseaB View Post
            NT Community,

            I've recently needed to demonstrate that the API works as documented sending and receiving data.

            I've added the methods to send and receive data to this starter visual studio project and tested that they work correctly.

            These examples are 100% unsupported by NinjaTrader Support.

            (edit June 6th, 2018)
            These examples are now in the post with further information linked below.
            Wonderful stuff Chelsea -as everything coming from you.
            One thing... The videos are in Flash, so no way to play them. Is it possible for you to post them on YouTube or make them available to downoad?

            CheersEnable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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              Hello mzabarain,

              Excuse my directness but curse the VideoWorks, Shockwave, and Adobe developers for making flash, for my teenage years being flash games and videos, making me learn flash, and then for stopping support.

              I'm remaking every video i've ever made and it will take time. If you want something re-recorded first, get other people to voice the same opinion. I, and our team, are mostly driven by demand and amount of usefulness.

              In the meantime, download or save the video or game, and use the Flash Projector to play videos or games that have been discontinued.
              Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                Hi ChelseB,
                I understand your frustration. You don't have to remake the videos. There are SWF to MP4 converters out there. Another alternative is to make a download link for the .swf files available. Right now, I have to swift through html source to find it.


                  Hello Carterlist,

                  I was being a bit playful in my previous post because I'm going to both miss and not miss flash.

                  However, on the serious side, our videos are going to be re-hosted and will be re-recorded as more professional videos, with higher quality than random videos our support has made in response to a client inquiry on the fly.

                  Just as a tip, if you want to just watch the old videos you can download these and play them with the 'Flash Player projector' (the debugging tool) which may still be available from the Adobe Flash Player Support Center.
                  Chelsea B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                    Understood. :-) Thanks. I downloaded the projector yesterday and it worked nicely.


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