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Can't save drawing objects on chart

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    Can't save drawing objects on chart


    I am a new user and I try to do a very simple thing but to no avail.
    I am opening a chart of symbol FXE and drawing a trendline on it.
    Then, I save it as a template. I also save the workspace.
    I close the window of the chart and then open a new chart with the same symbol and choose the template I created.
    The chart is loaded but the trendline doesn't appear.

    What am I missing ???



    Hello Oded,

    Unfortunately this is as expected - drawing objects are not saved in a chart template.

    Please double click the drawing object to open its properties menu. Set 'Attach to' to '*instrument name* (All charts)'. Subsequently, the drawing object will be applied in all charts with the same instrument selected.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thank, it worked, but I still don't understand how to accomplish the following:

      I want to have 3 charts, all of them with the same symbol, but with different time frames (daily, weekly and monthly).
      Each chart will have its own drawing objects (trend lines, S&R lines, rectangles, triangles, etc.).
      Of course, I want to be able to close the charts, close the program and return the next day, open them and see all of my drawings.
      If I do as you suggested, it will make all the drawings appear on all 3 charts, which is not my intention.
      Is there a way to do what I am asking ?



        Yes, this is possible. However, please do not close your charts once you applied all drawing objects. Instead, save your workspace and exit NinjaTrader. Subsequently, when you restart NinjaTrader, it will open with the drawing objects in your charts.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          So if you close the chart, even AFTER you saved the workspace, all your chart work is lost? No offense, but that is absolutely useless. There is no way to then go in somewhere and reopen a chart to get drawings back?


            Hello Drew99GT,

            If you close the chart and then the workspace is saved again, the chart is lost. You will get prompted to save your workspaces each time you shut down NinjaTrader. If you closed the chart and then click Yes or Yes to all, the chart is not saved.

            If the chart is closed, you exit NinjaTrader and select No or No to all, the chart is not lost.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              Saving Chart object

              i had some lines drawn on chart. I saved the work space and then closed chart. then i open chart for same symbol and guess all drawing were lost. it is normal?
              do we have a way of saving drawing on chart.


                Hi anilnifty,

                Drawing objects are only saved as part of a workspace. You can not save them as part of a chart template or specific instrument.

                You will need to open a chart, create your drawing objects on the chart, and then save the workspace to save your drawing objects. These drawing objects will remain saved as part of your workspace for 20 days.

                If you want the same drawing objects to appear on charts with the same instrument but different intervals (example: ES 09-15 5 minute, ES 09-15 60 minute), you can enable global drawing objects. Please see the video guide for more information:

                Patrick G.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Hello Ryan,

                  If you create a brand new workspace with just 1 daily IBM chart and apply 1 drawing object, then save the workspace and restart NinjaTrader, do you see the drawing object after NinjaTrader is restarted?

                  Yes, unfortunately drawing objects will be saved 20 days only from the moment it is applied in a chart. There is a workaround listed at the forum thread below (post #17).

                  Please note that this is not a supported technique and we do not encourage customers to change this value. Knowing this, we will not be able to provide further assistance in this area beyond what has been posted in this thread. We also cannot guarantee that this workaround will not change in the future without notice.
                  JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


                    Thank you for your response!

                    Regarding the 20 day auto-remove issue, on the thread you directed to, the first thing it says is:

                    "This behavior where old drawing tools were removed after 20 days due to performance concerns in prior versions has been removed in NinjaTrader 8."

                    Further, I couldn't find the XML in the config file that was referenced, so it appears to be the case.

                    Regarding the drawings, yes - if I follow your instructions precisely, the lines reappear. I played around with it, and it appears the critical thing is NOT closing down the chart window. As soon as I do that, the drawings are lost. (Interestingly, this is not the case if "Attach to all time frames" is selected.

                    For my purposes, I am marking up dozens if not hundreds of charts with trendlines, support lines, etc. to benefit an automated trading strategy. It's not realistic that I could have all of these charts open simultaneously and permanently. And given the hundreds of hours I invest in doctoring these charts (presently in stockcharts.com), it would make me nervous to think that just closing down the chart will cause my lines to vanish.

                    Any ideas as to how to get them to stick?

                    Thank you!
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                      You should have the Config.xml file in the Documents-->NinjaTrader 7 folder.

                      Yes, please avoid closing the chart as this will cause you to lose the drawing objects (providing they are not attached to all charts). You will need to keep the chart opened and save your workspace. Subsequently the drawing objects are saved. If you close the chart and then save the workspace, the chart is not saved and neither its drawing objects.
                      JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


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