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Creating IB connection

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    Creating IB connection

    Hello, i tried to create a connection to IB data but something is not right. When i try to connect i get the message that target machine actively refused connection. Now, there were some checkboxes when i was adding a new conneciton, so not really sure if i needed to check/uncheck something there ( i left everything like it was initially just added user and pass). Could you please assist? Im on 6.5 version.



    This message usually comes up when the configuration is not set up correctly or when an incorrect version of TWS is installed.

    First make sure you have TWS 911 installed as this is the only official supported version. Second follow the instructions from the link below and make sure all steps are taken. Then see if you can connect:
    Click here to take me to the Interactive Brokers Connection Guide
    VinceNinjaTrader Customer Service


      It connected after setting up the TWS, thanks


        Just have a question on how to start trading thru IB? I guess i would need a License for IB? I have one from Mirus but closed that acc? Will the license be the same for IB or i need a new one? I use free version


          Hi bagzi,

          That's correct, you would need a full license which included IB. If you require the abilty to connect to both IB and Mirus, a multi-broker license would be required. I've included more information about our lease and purchase options for this type of license below.

          Purchase Options - Multi Broker
          The best value when purchasing NinjaTrader is to select one of our lifetime purchase options. Alternatively, you can also lease our software for a period of time that makes sense to you. We make purchasing NinjaTrader easy by providing you choice in how you access our software...choose a plan that suits you best!
          • Lifetime license for a one time payment of $1,495
          • Lifetime license for 4 easy monthly payments of $449
          • Several flexible leasing options starting as low as $75 per month

          Learn more about our purchase options!
          KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service



            again i encounter the problem of logging in with the IB connection. I set up everything like in the instruction provided on
            but when i try to connect it seems that some kind of loop is being created and i see that ninja is trying to connect several times, but it does not connect. After several attempts it says that connection timed out on waiting for TWS. Any idea what needs to be done in order to connect? I am on 918.9b version of TWS 7.0.1000.7 Ninja version running on Windows 7.



              Hello bagzi,

              TWS 918 and above has an identified issue which does not allow NinjaTrader to connect.

              With the current version of NinjaTrader, it is critical that you use TWS version 917. Please uninstall your existing version via the Windows Control Panel, and then install 917 via the following link:


              Once TWS 917 has been installed, please ensure that the configuration in our Connection Guide for TWS has been completed.

              The following link will take you to a page that details the steps required for creating a connection to Interactive Brokers and specific connection configuration information.

              CameronNinjaTrader Customer Service


                Ok, thanks, i managed to do so, but now when i connect i get the error for example for YM data: Error in requesting historical data from IB: No security definition has been found for the request(200). Any idea is this normal or not?
                Im showing a chart with range data and this is the message i get for all my futures chart



                  Please reset your master instrument list.

                  To reset your instruments please: go to the Tools menu, select the Options menu item, select the Data tab, and then click on 'Reset Instruments'.

                  Once the reset is complete, restart NinjaTrader.

                  Please note, Range bars are built off of tick data IB does not provide Historical Tick data.

                  This is noted in the following section.

                  Understanding the data provided by your connectivity provider -

                  To receive Historical Tick data, you can supplement your current IB connection with a connection to Kinetick.

                  Kinetick supplies at least 120 days of historical tick data, two years of minute data, and ten years of daily data, much more for popular instruments.


                  Last edited by NinjaTrader_Cameron; 12-27-2011, 07:53 AM.
                  CameronNinjaTrader Customer Service


                    Ok, i did so, now i get the following message error for SPY XLE and GLD (ETFs): Unable to change order: Please assign and additional exchange to this instrument in the instrument manager SPY Default.
                    It seems that the chart is loaded tho, not sure if i need to do anything.
                    The futures charts still do not have historical data, so not sure if the reset list worked?



                      Please see the following forum post for adding the additional exchange for SPY XLE and GLD.


                      The reason your chart is not back filling the historical data is due to Interactive Brokers not supporting Historical Tick Data.

                      Range bars are built off of tick data.

                      Please see the Kinetick information in post #9 to receive historical Tick Data.

                      CameronNinjaTrader Customer Service


                        Ok, thanks, all is clear now


                          I received the note from IB that they are gona stop supporting the 917 version of TWS. Can u tell me what version i need to have now in order to connect IB to Ninja?




                            The current version of NinjaTrader requires Traders Workstation 917.8.

                            We are aware that Interactive Brokers will no longer support version 917.8 past February 24th and our Development Team is already doing internal testing on a new IB-TWS version and we will have an official announcement shortly.

                            Until the announcement please continue to use Traders Workstation 917.8.

                            If there is anything further I may assist you with don't hesitate to ask.
                            CameronNinjaTrader Customer Service


                              NinjaTrader ver of TWS 917.8 will not Login to IB

                              I had upgraded TWS to ver 923 only to learn it is not supported at NinjaTrader.
                              I then downloaded ver TWS 917.8 from your site, using your link in IB connection guide.

                              That was done Fe 6 ~ 9:30 am and used until 7:45pm tonight.

                              Multiple attempts to log back onto the IB connection are rejected when using your ver of TWS 917.8. I am able to go directly to IB via browser and log in, so my account at IB is very alive and working.

                              Incompatibility appears to have developed with your ver917.8. It is not working. I am going to stand down on NinjaTrader until I learn from NT of some overdue resolution to this conflict with IB.

                              If a solution arrives at NinjaTrader, please post news or send a message. [all times EST]


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