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Intraday Forex feeds & demo trading for NinjaTrader evaluation

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    Intraday Forex feeds & demo trading for NinjaTrader evaluation

    I don't currently subscribe to any of your datafeed or broker providers. What therefore is the most cost effective way of evaluating NinjaTrader for intraday Forex & automated trading using c#?

    I understand that there use to be a relationship with GAIN which is no longer available.

    The route doesn't need to be free (but nice!) but has to cost effective; I'm not evaluating datafeed or broker providers but NinjaTrader.

    Hi Tom TomDeFord,

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the support forum.

    With Kinetick it is possible to get Free End of Day data using the included feed. The Free EOD Kinetick connection is preloaded in to NinjaTrader 7 automatically. You can connect to it by going in NinjaTrader to > File > Connect > Kinetick - End of Day (free). This connection will give you access to historical Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly data. Connection steps also at: https://www.kinetick.com/support#Connect

    If historical and intraday forex data is needed then a subscription would be a cost effective way of getting that data. The Basic Forex package includes all the most popular pairs, from both FXCM and Barclays, and carries a cost of $25/mo.

    The Premium Forex has additional pairs from Tenfore, including regional banks and more exotic pairspairs like spot Silver and Gold, the Premium Forex is $50/mo.

    The Basic Service is the base fee for access to real-time data, the Basic Service is $50/mo.
    So, you would be looking at $75/mo minimum for real-time data with Forex.

    Subscribe at: https://www.kinetick.com/purchase

    You'll also enjoy all these benefits with the purchase of any symbol package:
    • Fast, unfiltered data
    • 500 Market Metrics Indices are automatically included. Full list at: http://www.kinetick.com/market-metrics
    • Thousands of included indexes, like the Nasdaq and Dow Jones
    • Eliminated exchange fees for qualified accounts: http://www.kinetick.com/CME
    • Free Globex upgrades for qualified accounts
    • Free delayed and historical data for other exchanges not subscribed to
    • Free news from RTT News, PR Newwire, and Business Wire

    Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you have.

    Kinetick is, however, just one of the supported providers, though it is the preferred market data provider since it has been optimized for NinjaTrader 7. You can review other forex providers at:
    Click here to view more information on Historical Data
    Ryan O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks for the reply.

      So in summary, in order to evaluate the NinjaTrader software I'm looking at a $75 month datafeed from Kinetick ($50 Base Service + $25 Forex Basic).

      Bearing in mind that I want to test automated trading strategies against a demo broker account; What brokers are available that provide a demo trading account that I can use with NT? What is the cost to use them?

      When one downloads NT it states: "* We will introduce you to a NinjaTrader brokerage partner that will provide you with a two week real time data trial".

      Clearly this would be preferable to paying $75+ per month whilst evaluating your software. I've not yet had an introduction, will one be forthcoming?


        Hi Tom,

        If you send an email to sales[at]ninjatrader[dot]com we can setup a trial demo account for PFG real-time forex data.

        There is less historical data available from PFG's forex data than you would expect with Kinetick which could adversely affect your backtesting, but would enable you to test on the sim101 account in NinjaTrader with the real-time data.

        The demo account you will use when testing in NinjaTrader will be the included demo rather than one associated with a particular broker but we can set up a real-time trial with PFG if you send an email to sales[at]ninjatrader[dot]com.
        Ryan O.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          That's great Ryan, thanks. I'm travelling but will try this on my return.

          Thanks again.


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