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session problem ?

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    session problem ?

    every day at 4:15pm quoting of ESdec stops and is only available the next day.
    Session or Kinetick problem ?
    I use the default 24/7 session.

    Hello mate41,

    In order for me to help determine why this is occurring, I will need to review your log and trace files from the last date that this occurred.

    Please send an email to support[at]ninjatrader[dot]com and include your most recent log and trace files, Attn: Matthew in the Subject line and a reference to this thread.

    You will find the log file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Log folder.
    • The log file will be named ‘log.20110921.txt’

    You will find the trace file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Trace folder.
    • The trace file will be named ‘trace.20110921.txt’

    Please attach both of these files to your next response. If these files are over 4MB, please let me know and I can respond with alternative instructions.
    MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


      Originally posted by mate41 View Post
      every day at 4:15pm quoting of ESdec stops and is only available the next day.
      Session or Kinetick problem ?
      I use the default 24/7 session.
      4:15PM is the end of Electronic trading hours for the /ES. Trading reopens at 4:30PM.


        Hello matthew & koganam,
        i know when the market close & open

        I was waiting the pause of the market.
        And found the problem:
        - IB disconnected (did a reset?) on about 4.12pm
        - and kinetic disconnected also; or was it my provider did a reset ?
        - after a few seconds IB connected back but this time as FIRST
        - and then kinetic as SECOND

        Solution: disconnect all; then kinetic as first and IB as second as usually .


          to be continued......
          sorry, the problem is not solved
          IB reset/update and disconnect the TWS 2-3 seconds.
          After the IB reconnection no more data from kinetick.
          NT need a disconnect and reconnection to kinetick.
          I always connect kinetick first and then IB.

          22-Sep-11 22:03:14 Default Connection to NinjaTrader historical market data server lost: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond



            Thank you for reporting - I am checking with development and will let you know once we have more information on this.
            MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


              i've still the same problem. Today IB disconnected 2x and i had to disconnect IB + Kinetick and reconnect Kinetick + IB.
              This is a very dangerous situation !



                This is Brett responding for Matt.

                I did some in depth testing with this and with development. There is a limitation in the Kinetick adapter that if the IP address changes of the router or PC in the middle of the connection you will have to manually refresh the kinetick connection.

                It seems like your router or ISP is changing your IP address in this case and is therefor causing this issue.

                Unfortunately there is no workaround we can add currently and is a limitation of the Kinetick adapter, we are looking in possibly making some changes here in the future however.

                There is only one workaround to resolve this if your ISP is changing your IP address during your trading session is to get a static IP address from your ISP is unfortunately the only work around at this time with Kinetick.

                I understand this only occurs with Kinetick and does not occur with your secondary connections.

                This would effect ISP's that change IP addresses in the middle of the day or on disconnect and reconnect and would also affect customers with a backup data feed connection and they switch out connections manually or automatically which would also result in a different IP address.

                Disconnecting and reconnecting will resolve or deselecting the instrument and re-selecting will restore the data subscription to the new IP address.

                Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
                BrettNinjaTrader Product Management


                  Hello Brett,
                  the IP address didn't change yesterday. IB disconnected for a update/reset the quotes so it do +/- every day and reconnect immediately.
                  I've verified the internet connection at the same time and my browser worked as usual.

                  There is no reason IMHO when our broker disconnect (connected as last) data from kinetick lose also.
                  Last edited by mate41; 09-28-2011, 02:08 AM.



                    To confirm, you are saying you get disconnected from IB and Kinetick at the same time, but only IB restores the connection and you have to manually reconnect to Kinetick at this time?

                    There is no reason Kinetick would disconnect when Interactive Broker's does.

                    If you're being disconnected from two servers at the same time (IB + Kinetick), this would indicate internet connectivity issues as per Brett's post above.
                    MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


                      Hello matthew,
                      i confirm. I didn't say Kinetick disconnected, i said "no more data from Kinetick".
                      To get data as usually i have to disconnect manually Kinetick; reconnect Kinetick and reconnect IB.
                      This is a very dangerous situation.
                      Confirmed 200%.



                        Allow me to rephrase and offer further clarification.

                        We have checked with development on these items and have concluded that the only instance this situation would occur is due to a change in the IP address. There is no reason that the IB reset would cause another connection to disconnect or stop receiving data. The only reason both would disconnect/stop receiving data at the same time would be due to a change in the IP address.

                        While the Kinetick box does not appear to disconnect and stays green, the data is stopping because this connection is technically disconnected from the server.

                        When this occurs, you will need to manually disconnect from Kinetick and reconnect in order to resume the connection and data flow. This is due to a limitation of the Kinetick adapter which does not behave in the same manner as IB (i.e., the IB connection is automatically resumed after the reset of the IP address).

                        The disconnect is not occurring because IB is resetting the connection - you are being disconnected from both connections due to the change in the IP address. To prevent this from occurring, you will need to request from your ISP that you obtain a static IP address or configure your router to use a static IP address.

                        Please let me know if you need further clarification
                        MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


                          Ok Matthew,
                          i've noticed my IP at 18:26 28/9/11 (Paris).(today)
                          I'll notice it when IB disconnect and let you know.*


                            Hi Matthew,
                            no doubt... it's my IP; changed last 2 days at about 20:35.
                            My IP view has to be refreshed to see the changes.
                            Sorry for the noise..



                              No worries - I'm glad we were able to help isolate the issue.

                              Where possible, please try using a static IP address via your ISP or router as this limitation exists currently.

                              Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
                              MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


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