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Futures al fine but sometimes Equites load blank

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    Futures al fine but sometimes Equites load blank

    Version 7 1000.3

    I load my usual template has about 8 open charts some stocks some futures - I can change tine on futures as normal 15-min 30-min day - but sometimes lately on a working stock - say AAPL it is working but I switch to day instead of 30-min and I see it says loading but only in a heartbeat - then chart is blank - then I can not add any stock but I can add a futures and it will work fine.

    If I then go to open a new chart and select a stock already on the list - it will also open blank

    I tried on Market analyzer also and clicking a Futures fin but no stocks even though data is showing in analyzer. My data source is IB but all has been fine for years . I tried repairing and resetting database and no change. I then can no longer open any stock charts - only futures. I had a back up workspace and I closed the app and replaced the current one - but no change.

    On a seperate issue using Market Analyzer - when you clock on item the chart changes and remembers trend lines etc but not the chart positions - is ther ea way to fix that so it remembers?

    Thanks a lot


    Can you please try deleting the historical data for one of these stocks symbols.

    Please delete your historical data using the instructions provided at the following page of the NinjaTrader Help Guide:
    Removing Historical Data

    • Once the data has been deleted close NinjaTrader. Open the Documents\NinjaTrader7\db\cache folder. Select all files then right mouse click and select “delete.”
    • Open NinjaTrader and connect to your data provider. Open an new chart.

    Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

    Can you clarify about chart positions? Do you mean the scale of the x or y axis?
    MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


      Thank you Matthew,

      First - I found that (if thsi can be true) that NT7 was opening 2 workspaces? Because I closed my workspect to only open one chart and a new worspace appeared - - so I closed it to.

      Well at the moment I was able to open a stock chart - but can no experiment as IB says I have reached the end of historical data - guess it is having to fill up the cache again - it is near 1AM here so will work some more on it in the morning. thanks

      I deleted data then deleted the 15,500 files - then

      Then it at first did not recognize symbols such as CAT on the NYSE - in the instrument manager I have both default and NYSE selected but when click on the < I select NYSE - that did not work so I > then change to default then < -- this is never reliable but usually eventually it works

      As to the market analyzer I did mean the x y axis



        Yes, that could be contributing to issues.

        When you go to File--> Workspaces everything listed below "Save As" is open and using CPU and Network resources. The workspace name with the check next to it is your active workspace and anything else listed here is in an inactive, but in an "open" state.

        Click here to read more of our performance tips

        Unfortunately it would not be possible to save the x & y axis position when changing charts
        MatthewNinjaTrader Product Management


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