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Best connection for NT7

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    Best connection for NT7


    I am just about to close my TS account after 10+ years because to my opinion NT7 just overtook TS9 in terms of functionality, handling and also programming possibilities.

    Further it is really good to see that documentation is available and in very good shape.

    The only doubt I have is the connectivity. I have a demo account with Optimus/Rithmic which I compared to Infinitys AT platform. AT is quite a bit more responsive and faster than Optimus with NT7 platform, however so far (2days) I did not have any disconnections what is quite important.

    So Optimus/Rithmic seems to be fast and stable however pricing of Mirus is more attractive.

    On the other hand there are a lot of threads that NT7 has quite some disconnection problems with ZenFire.

    So what I am asking here is: Is there anybody around who tested several NT7 setups with different brokers and datafeeds being able to give a good recommendation.

    Thanks a lot!

    Hello Looping,

    Thank you for your post and it is great to hear you are using NinjaTrader!

    I hope that some of our community is able to assist with recommendations and if you need any further assistance, please feel free to email us at Support AT NinjaTrader DOT com.

    Happy Trading!
    Ray S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hello Lopping.

      Vision Financial Markets also use Rithmic. If you contact with VFM they can offer comissions as low as 0,75 plus fees per side. Minimum account is $5000.

      Here is an structure of their comissions with an example.

      Literaly from VFM:

      "The commission is one of the four components that goes into the all-in cost of trading a particular contract. The three other components are the exchange fee (which varies by contract/exchange), the routing fee (which is the cost to route the order over the infrastructure of the trading platform which you intend to utilize), and the NFA fee which is always $0.02 per side. Using YG as an example, the cost breakdown (per side) would be as follows: Commission: $0.75, Exchange: $0.81, Routing: $0.30, NFA: $0.02. This gives you an all-in cost of $1.88 per side or $3.76 round trip."

      About Zen-Fire and Rithmic read this post.


      I hope help you.


        Thank you Federico,

        I will check with VFM. Do you have an idea about their intraday margin requirements for the most popular futures (ES, TF, YM, E6, QM,...? Would be nice to have some info before I contact them. :-)


          These are other questions that I made to VFM:

          How much is the margin required to trade per contract?

          Our day trading margins tend to run approximately 20% of the initial overnight margin. So, once again using YG as an example, the intraday margin is $450 (20% of $2,250)

          How much is the margin for holding overnight positions?

          For holding a position overnight we follow the minimum margin requirements set by the exchange. Therefore, to hold YG overnight the initial margin is $2,250 and maintenance margin $1,667

          Commission will be the same if I no holding overnight positions?

          Yes, commissions are the same, day versus night regardless of whether you hold something one day or sixty-one days (versus other firms that are now applying a surcharge per side, for each day a contract is held.)

          I hope help you.

          Best regards.


          Here are a link to VFM Margins, althought looking well, are a bit high if you want to trade E-minis:


          VFM also offer OneChicago SSF's and Stocks (with other platform).
          Last edited by Federico; 10-31-2011, 04:11 AM.


            So to summarize: VFM uses Rithmic datafeed you did not experience any disconnections and the margin requirements sound quite good!

            Thanks a lot!


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