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Running NT without internet connection?!

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    Running NT without internet connection?!

    I´ll be travelling for 2 weeks and be without an internet connection. Meanwhile I want to do some NT coding on my laptop. Is there a way to get NT running without the startup license check? Ie - get NT running without an internet connection?!
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    Hello FREEN,

    Yes, you can run NinjaTrader without being connected to the internet.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Sorry I didn´t even try...... just took for granted it wouldn´t run without that startup licence check.

      Will bulk cancelling of .cs files in the "NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom\Indicator\" map have the same result as deleting in Edit Indicator -> Delete? This is a rather time consuming procedure. Will there be non deleted residual settings jamming things?


        Yes, you can delete indicators in the (My) Documents-->NinjaTrader 7-->bin-->Custom-->Indicator folder as well.

        As long as you do not delete indicators that are referenced in other indicators/strategies that you will not delete, you should be fine.
        JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Hi NinjaTrader_Jason,

          Sometimes my internet connection is interrupted while NT7 is running (neraly once a day). As a result the green "connected" lamp in the left corner isn't green anymore but orange but still in "connected" mode.
          There are no quotes coming in as all chart windows are frozen. If I want to disconnect the conncetion to the data provider (in my case PFG) in order to set up a new one I receive a message
          that in case of a disconnection all strategies will be deactivated and I have to set up all of them once
          again after I reconnect to my dataprovider. Is there a possibility to reconnect to the data provider without a new set up of all my strategies as I want to test my strategies over a longer period with the initial settings?

          Many thanks.




            Hello Rob,

            The orange connection color indicates you are disconnected to one of the PFG servers. The PFG connection consists of connections to multiple servers. One of these connections will connect to their quotes server which provides real-time data in NinjaTrader. As per your description, you are disconnected from the quotes server.

            Please note that NinjaTrader does not dictate when a connection is lost. It operates like a radio receiver in that it receives a signal from your broker and then displays/reports these signals back to you the trader. When a connection is lost, it is the broker's API that determines this and reports this to NinjaTrader which in turn reports this back to the trader.

            The common problems that contribute to this are:

            - ISP issues
            - hardware firewall issues changing IP addresses frequently
            - Dynamic ISP address switching the address frequently intraday. Usually this happens once a week but you may want to check with your ISP. If they do change daily, a static IP address may work.
            - With Windows XP SP2, if you have more than 10 open TCPIP socket connections open (10 programs making connections through the internet) windows will randomly shut down some connections
            - Broker servers having problems
            - Security software, such as (corporate) firewalls, spyware and anti-virus software, that could be interfering the connection.

            You can configure the way strategies will act during a disconnection at Control Center-->Tools-->Options-->Strategies-->NinjaScript-tab. You can select KeepRunning which will not terminate the strategies during a disconnection. So you do not have to set them up anew once re-connected. Please see the link below under 'Understanding the NinjaScript tab' for more information.
            JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


              What should I do to be able to connect being offline. If I'm not connected to the internet I get a message that the license can't be checked and to try latter, and it shuts down the NT7.
              I have a free license of NT7, is it because of my version?


                Hello marreta,

                Thank you for your post.

                This message may appear but NinjaTrader will still run. You cannot connect to your real-time data connection while offline but you can still connect to the Simulated Data Feed, and the Market Replay connection.

                Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
                Zach S.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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