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Chart Window Bug

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    Chart Window Bug

    If I enter a brand new ticker symbol directly in the chart window it will give an error and the symbol will fail to load; however, if I enter it directly in the Market Analyzer first it works fine. (If I enter the new symbol directly is the chart window first it will "get stuck" and I have to disconnect/reconnect from IB).

    When I check the Instrument Manager after having entered the symbol in the chart window it shows 'Default' as the only exchange and if you try to check 'OK' it gives an error stating that you have to assign another exchange in addition to "Default' (you must hit 'Cancel' to get out of the window).

    If I enter a brand new ticker symbol in the Market Analyzer first it will assign the following exchanges: Arca, BTrade, Default, Ise, & Island in the Instrument Manager and the new ticker symbol will work fine.

    Get this: After I enter the new ticker symbol through the chart window, deleting and re-entering the symbol from the Instrument Manager or the Market Analyzer does not work. And entering those above exchanges does not work. I must disconnect and reconnect from the data provider (IB in my case) for either fix to work.

    This bug it is driving me crazy. It's just natural from me to enter new stock symbols directly in the chart window, and when I forget, I have to disconnect/reconnect to IB which is a major pain.
    Last edited by Maxlobster; 02-27-2012, 10:30 AM.

    Hello Maxlobster,

    Unfortunately when stocks are added by typing them newly in charts, they will only be assigned to the Default exchange. This will not work for IB since the exchange where the stock trades, needs to be enabled as well. Please see the related forum post below.

    So instead of reconnecting IB, please assign the appropriate exchange in the Instrument Manager.

    For the changes to be effective, please re-add the instrument in your instrument list. Or add it, if it was not initially on your instrument list. If you do not want it on your instrument list, you will need to restart NinjaTrader for the change to be effective.
    JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Hi Jason,

      But...adding new stock symbols in the Market Analyzer window works fine! You don't have to use the Instrument Manager, it's a lot faster and easier to use the Market Anayzer window. Why don't you guys copy the code from the Market Analyzer and paste it into the chart window code? The Market Analyzer instead of just adding Default also adds Arca, BTrade, Ise, & Island and it works great for adding new symbols.

      I just don't get it; it's an easy fix.



        I am responding on behalf of Jason.

        The main issue here is that the instrument manager has more parameters for defining instrument mappings. TWS uses many different symbol mappings and settings that are not identical to what would be typed into the chart or into the market analyzer. The sure-fire way to get a symbol to have correct mappings, etc. is to have it setup in the instrument manager beforehand.

        So I may replicate, what symbols are you trying?
        Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          This morning I tried to enter SSO and SDS. I entered SSO directly in the chart window and it jammed. I then entered SDS in the Market Analyzer and it worked fine. I just keep forgetting you can't add a new symbol directly in the NT chart. Rarely do new symbols load through the chart window.



            Using our test IB connection typing these directly into market analyzer throws errors since these are not setup in instrument manager to have the proper symbol expected by IB. If I type them into the chart its the same result. I would need to setup the instrument first to avoid this.

            I am not sure why this wouldn't be the case on your end, but if you can provide me with replication steps I'd be happy to look into this further. Since we may need trace/log to identify further, it may be better if you could send me these files at support at ninjatrader dot com and we can continue working with you there.

            We look forward to helping you resolve your issue.
            Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


              Does entering new stock symbols in your Market Analyzer populate the entry of the stock in the Instrument Manager with more exchanges than 'Default'? On my system the Market Analyzer is adding Arca, BTrade, Ise, & Island to Default. If it's not doing it on your system, then I don't have a clue why it's doing it on mine. The addition of those exchanges caused both SSO & SDS to load correctly.



                If I add a new instrument the exchanges need to be manually set. I am not certain why your exchanges would be automatically set. I can suggest to development for stock integration through manually typing into MA and charts with IB, but I am told by them the code for the chart and MA are identical as far as loading symbols go, i.e. they query the instrument definitions set up in the "Instrument manager".

                When I used Kinetick the symbol mapping is usually identical to the stock symbol so it does work, but IB for example has special formatting for symbol maps and requires the exchange info.

                I am not certain why it would be the case that your exchanges are automatically added. Do you already have these exchanges set up as lists in MA when you right click and go to > "Add instrument list"?

                At any rate, development will read this thread if I submit the suggestion.
                Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                  OK, I just came up with a random symbol ART.

                  If I load it through MA it sets Arca, BTrade, Default, Ise, & Island as the exchanges and it worked.

                  If I load it through the chart window it sets Default as the only exchange and it doesn't work.

                  If I try to load it through the Instrument Manger I have to manually add the exchanges. The problem is that I do not know what exchanges to select to get it to work. I can look it up on the IB platform but what a pain!

                  All I know is that the MA is adding the correct exchanges; someone had to program this feature in. It might be something to do with the IB interface module, I don't know. In any case, it would be nice if you would fix this bug.
                  Last edited by Maxlobster; 02-28-2012, 11:10 AM.



                    You can specify the exchange manually when creating the chart. This is the expected behavior. Therefor what you can do is type in the chart ART NYSE and this will add NYSE as the checked exchange. With IB you will always want to type the name of the exchange for any new instrument would be the fastest way to add the symbol.

                    Unfortunately I cannot replicate this issue on my end. I am told by development the MA and Charts load symbols identically as its the same subsystem for querying data from the server.

                    Exchange info is needed by IB in order to correctly map symbols, unfortunately.

                    Please let me know if I may assist further.
                    Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                      Adding the exchange after symbol worked.



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