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Workspace Saving

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    Workspace Saving

    My Workspace loads with different settings than when I closed and saved. I am using Ninja Trader 64-bit 7.0.1000.9, connected to IB. This has been a problem, in one form or another, for many months. It is not something that just started occurring. By one form or another, I mean the settings that change are different.

    In the last few days, the 'bar width' on one of my charts has started to change. I have all bar widths of the 6 data series set to 1 when I close and save. When I next run Ninja Trader, the bar widths of four data series load as saved, but 1 loads with a bar width of 18, another with a bar width of 8. I have attached an image of the chart window. I typically close and save the workspace from the 'Control Panel'; File/Exit then 'Yes to All' in the 'Save Workspace' Pop up. I typically have only the one workspace.

    Another setting that has almost always been different than when I close and save is the 'Z Order', on a different chart, but in the same workspace. Another is the 'Column' settings on the 'Orders' page of the Control Panel. I re-order the columns, close and save, and when I run Ninja Trader, the columns are in a slightly different order.

    With respect to the 'bar width' settings, if I reload the chart template, the bar widths are correct. I'm not real sure if reloading the chart template corrects the 'Z Order' settings problem, I can play with that a bit more and post again. With the Control Center column, I don't believe there is a template, they 'save' with the workspace, correct ? I have tried saving the workspace with different names, using 'save as', and I have searched my hard drive for files in different locations with the same name.

    Please advise, I'm assuming this is not what Ninja Trader is expected to do.


    Thank you for writing in to report this issue.

    This type of behavior is not something we would expect. Based on your description of the issue, I suspect that this workspace may have become corrupt.

    As a test, I'd like you to create a secondary workspace (File > Workspaces > New Workspace). Add a few charts, then save your settings via the File > Workspaces > Save Workspace command.

    At this point, please restart NinjaTrader and check the original workspace (File > Workspace > **name of the original workspace**)

    Do you notice changes within that original workspace - do any changes appear in the newly created workspace?
    KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


      Ok Kyle, good evening,
      I created a second workspace (File > Workspaces > New Workspace), created a new chart and loaded my original chart template. I created another new chart, similar to the one with the bar width problem, without using my chart template. I saved the 1st chart to a new chart template. I saved this 2nd chart to a new chart template. I noted the Z Orders on the first chart and the bar widths on the second chart. I then saved my settings via the File > Workspaces > Save Workspace command to a new name. The name defaulted to 'Untitled2'. Hmmm, I changed the column order on the 'Orders' page of the Control Panel and saved the workspace again. I went to the original workspace, noted the Z Order, then closed and saved.

      Annnnnnnnd, restarting Ninja Trader ......
      and checking the original workspace (File > Workspace > **name of the original workspace**) ..... the chart which had the bar width 'problem' appears ok, the Z Order chart .... is obviously different, uh, connecting to IB .....Z Order is still FUBAR ....like wow, there's one(of several) indicator that's there, it just don't show on the chart ...... moving on the the 'new' workspace ....the 'bar width' chart appears good ... the 'Z Order ' chart is as saved, except.... the same indicator as on the original is not showing ...., also the column order of the "Orders' Page is different, again.


        Hello BGWTEX,

        Thanks for running that test.

        So that I can further investigate, please contact me with a note to Support [AT] NinjaTrader [DOT] com with 'ATTN: Kyle' in the subject line.

        In your message, please include:

        1.) A link to this forum thread.

        2.) A copy of the workspaces.
        You'll find those files in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Workspaces folder.

        3.) A copy of your trace file.
        You'll find this diagnostic file in the Documents > NinjaTrader 7 > Trace folder.
        The file I need would be named 'trace.20120302.txt'.

        KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


          OK Kyle, "You've got mail ..."


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