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Leased version: Left-click order entries using Chart Trader & automated strategies?

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    Leased version: Left-click order entries using Chart Trader & automated strategies?

    I need to thank the support forum guys for their kind help thus far. It has convinced me to lease a copy of NinjaTrader for my new account with Mirus Futures. Before I proceed however, I will like to know if the leased version has this feature on the Chart Trader that allows me to place limit orders via left-click? (So I don't have to right-click, then press the appropriate option). I believe I've seen this on someone else's NT setup.

    Finally, the behavior of the strategy feature seems a bit strange on my free copy during simulation with a real-time feed. It seems to show the backtest results, which affects the actual real-time trading. Say I have a basic strategy which only goes long once a day if a couple of conditions are met. I opened a chart at 9:30 AM and I want my strategy to trade the RTHs, but once I enabled it, it picked out a trade signal from its backtest in the pre-market session and placed an imaginary long order during the pre-market session, so I actually won't be able to "close" this imaginary position (because Chart Trader can't be opened), and at the same time my strategy is convinced that I have already went long that day and is waiting for a signal to close the imaginary position...

    Is there a way I can fix this and prevent backtesting results from interfering with my real-time trades? Is there any improvement to the automated strategies features in the leased copy?



    Thanks for your interest in NinjaTrader!

    You can right click and place limit orders. If you can point me to that setup I would be happy to check into it more for you. The SuperDOM does allow this.

    You can apply a session template, or a time filter to your strategies. This should help eliminate the issue you describe. If you can post your coding logic I'd be happy to comment on ways you could make it so it only trades after a specific time.

    There is also something to consider about syncing strategy positions.

    Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks for your response.

      Hm, I will ask my friend about the chart trading question then.

      So I think I understand how the session template fix works - I set up my chart so that none of the historical data is showing, am I correct?

      How do I fix this on the code level (so I can still see the resistance/support lines from historical data, in case I need to intervene)? I don't understand your proposed solution very well.

      I discovered this problem with the Divergence Pattern strategy on this forum. http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/f...d=2&linkid=219

      Also, I've checked through this same code and noticed that this strategy is supposed to go both short and long at appropriate times. However, it only goes long when put in practice: the "divergence indicator" has some coding error such that it's only reflecting positive divergences (plotting the divergence indicator only shows +1 and +2 values, never -1 or -2). Is there a way I can get in touch with the submitter of the code to address this as well?

      - how do I prevent the strategy from making "phantom trades" on historical data, on the code level?
      - how do I fix the problem with the divergence indicator: more probably, how do I get in touch with the writer of this code to discuss this?

      Thanks in advance!



        Could you please post your code so I may review it? Could you also please clarify the issue you are experiencing wit the divergence indicator?

        We cannot give out contact info, and many times we don't have it, however if you notice that each download has a author, you can private message them using this forum.
        Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


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