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blank charts, no data, no tutorial or help!

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    blank charts, no data, no tutorial or help!

    I heard great things about NT so I downloaded it.

    Fails to connect to my TDAmeritrade account. Ok, I give up cause I read I can't even trade Forex with TDA through NT, which is my aim.

    Ok so I'll try some of these "free" data providers. I try connecting to Kinetic Free End od Day - it connects.

    I go to bring up a USDJPY chart. NOTHING. Blank. Empty. Every symbol I try is the same way. Entire application is devoid of any data any quote anything at all!

    I try to download historical data, nothing happens.

    I sign up for a Zen-Fire demo account, connect to that, same thing. Everything is blank. Trying to bring up a chart on any symbol is just blank. NOTHING. Histortical data download continues to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    What the heck am I missing here? Nothing is intuitive about this software.

    I watched your Intro to Ninja Trader youtube video and the guy starts the video already connected, with data and charts working, completely passing over what I'm having problems with!

    I am a software engineer and I can't figure this application out. Something has got to be wrong. How the heck can I get ANYTHING to work in NT with any free/demo feeds? Please advise.


    Thank you for your post but sorry to hear of your frustration.

    So that we can arrange for assistance via remote desktop, please contact me with a note to Support [AT] NinjaTrader [DOT] com and a link to this forum thread.
    KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


      There's nothing you can do short of VNCing to my machine? I have a vanilla install, downloaded yesterday. My situation is not unique.


        I just redownloaded on another windows machine.

        Win7 Ultimate.
        Vanilla NinjaTrader7 Install, 64Bit
        Launch NT
        Connect to "Kinetick (End of Day- Free)"
        File Menu -> New -> Chart
        Select Forex -> $USDJPY, Double click to add it
        Click Ok.


        How can this not be easy to answer. What am I doing wrong here? It's the same no matter which provider I connect to.


          Well I'll answer my own question since I figured it out. This is VERY badly coded.

          I had to go to Daily chart (Default is 1 minute) THEN a chart shows up. I am guessing the provider does not provide any data resolution below daily? Why in god's name doesn't NinjaTrader TELL YOU THIS WHEN YOU BRING UP A 1 MINUTE CHART AND IT CANT GET 1 MINUTE DATA.

          This kind of sloppy coding really turns me off. I think I will find another platform. Really dropping the ball here.


            To be fair, it says "End of Day" right in the name of the Kinetick connection.

            Edit: And regarding your attempt to get data through Zen-fire, I don't think they provide spot FX data, but I could be wrong about that.
            Last edited by Radical; 04-05-2012, 09:49 PM.


              That's no excuse for not telling the user what's going on. An empty white chart is not proper feedback. End of Day could mean the data is only available after market close as well.

              Zen Fire demo still does not return any Forex charts at any resolution, daily, weekly, anything. And of course with ZERO feedback on WHY from NinjaTrader you're just left to bang your head and wonder why that is...

              Where can I get 5 minute Forex data to try this thing out? I don't want to purchase anything given my very disappointing experience so far.



                I'm sorry to hear of your frustration.

                So as to better assist you, I think that a simple phone call would be of benefit as each of these items can be addressed very easily. Please contact me via email (Support [AT] NinjaTrader [DOT] com) and we'll get something scheduled. Thanks.
                KyleNinjaTrader Customer Service


                  Like I said, I don't think Zen-fire provides FX data, it's only futures. For free minute data, maybe try Yahoo? I think it's delayed though. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay for real-time intraday data of any kind.


                    Thank you for your help Radical. After much googling I found another NT user recommending these guys for free historical Fx data, this even goes down to the second, not just the minute:

                    It's already setup to be imported to NinjaTrader.

                    I will try to give this platform a fair shake.

                    I still think a ticket needs to opened with your engineers to provide feedback when no chart data can be found. It is very frustrating to not know what needs to be corrected to get chart data. To a new user looking at the hundreds of settings/fields in this platform how are we to know WHY the chart is blank. I would seriously consider letting go any of the engineers in my team if they ever suggested such a lack of feedback is a proper way of writing software. I've been doing this for 20 years and it's not acceptable.


                      NT is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I've been using it for quite a while now, and while it's true that there are always some minor things that could use smoothing out, at its core, it's a great program for the price.


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