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Can Connect IB Live Acct but not DU Acct

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    Can Connect IB Live Acct but not DU Acct


    I would like to forward test strategies by placing orders on my IB paper trading account. The problem I have is I can connect NT to my live IB account but can't connect it to my paper trading account. Here is what I have done so far without success:

    1. Used all the same API configurations on the paper trading account as my live account.

    2. Used the same title text bar IB configuration with "Interactive Broker Workstation"

    3. Unchecked the Global Simulation Mode.

    The paper account just continues attempting to login over and over where the live account immediately asks to accept the incoming signal and connects.

    Would appreciate your help.
    Thanks, Gennaker


    Do you know if the connection to the paper trading account has delayed or real time data?
    Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Real time.



        Please submit a support request to support at ninjatrader dot com along with a short description of your issue. We will require your log/trace to see if we can identify any potential issues.
        Adam P.NinjaTrader Customer Service


          Was this issue resolved? I also have the same problem, NT just hangs when connecting to my DU account but normal account works perfectly.


            burnzau, we're not aware of a general issue here - could you please submit your trace / log files in to us via Help >> Mail to Support so we could review?

            Is this on latest NT7 R11 with the TWS 927?
            BertrandNinjaTrader Customer Service


              Could anyone explain how is this solved? I have exactly the same issue as Gennaker explained 2 years ago. Can connect without issues to my normal IB account but can't do it to the paper one. I have checked the API access settings and they are all the same!



                Unfortunately, I am not sure how these issues were resolved. Could you please send me your log and trace files as well, so I can investigate. Please include what TWS version you have installed. You can check this at Help-->About TradersWorkStation.
                JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service



                  I made this work right now, there seems to be some kind of mess with the API server when you open IB with the regular account, close it and open it again with the paper account, somehow it does't find the tws instance with the paper account. If you assign 2 different ports (one when using the paper account and one with the regular one) it works. I have the feeling that if you open the paper account first, that will work fine and you will have the issue with the other one, the one that opens second. Or said differently if you only open the paper account or the regular account you have no issues, they appear when you keep switching. But anyway using different ports seem to fix the issue.



                    I had some progress on this, it MAY be working - NOTE: I am using the external security card for IB accounts - requiring a password, AND, the 6 digit security code.

                    steps I had to do to get this to connect to BOTH - IB Paper account and IB Real account:
                    1) Open TWS client and login on REAL account - port 7496 -- put in 6 digit security code
                    2) Connect using NT connection account to REAL account - port 7496 - no code needed
                    3) Open another TWS client and login to the PAPER account - port 7497 - login to IB Paper account - NO CODE NEEDED (not sure why not - maybe it is paper)
                    4) Connect using NT connection account to PAPER account - port 7497 - no code needed
                    5) Paper account gives a message to accept incoming connection now.

                    Both connections are active now and I can successfully DISCONNECT the REAL connection in NT and the paper stays open. I have not seen if this works when the market is open (it is a Sunday today).

                    QUESTION to NT Support: Why can I not sign in to IB Paper without having the REAL connection live?

                    Hi, This is NOT solved using the multiple ports. I have the same problem too.

                    I bumped my ports on NT and TWS to 7496 for non paper account and 7497 for paper account in TWS. Both sessions start properly on their own.

                    1) I CAN login using my trading account (not paper), - it works if I have TWS logged in, and I connect with NT - it won't start the TWS client and attempt to login, it sees the open port and connects.
                    2) Next, I close the TWS client logged in with my trading account, disconnect in NT
                    3) Next - I login using TWS PAPER account, and try to connect with NT using the revised port in the account connection. This FAILS, it won't connect and it tries to open a new TWS session.

                    ISSUE: NT now OPENS a NEW TWS session and tries to login - even though TWS is open.

                    I have followed all the setup guidrlines for IB.
                    Global Simulation mode off

                    NT version: 64 bit version - 7.0.1000.22 (Live)

                    TWS Build 944.3, Apr 1, 2014 1:29:41 PM
                    Jolt Build 1.2.6, Feb 14, 2014 04:09:43 PM
                    Nia Build 1.11.5, Jan 22, 2014 05:21:07 PM
                    ModelNav Build 1.1.47, Jan 7, 2014 10:26:24 AM
                    Riskfeed Build 1.24.7, Mar 5, 2014 10:12:20 AM
                    Java Version: 1.8.0_25 OS:
                    Windows 7 (x86, 6.1) - (64 bit)

                    Please assist.
                    Last edited by DaFish; 01-25-2015, 10:55 AM. Reason: Further progress


                      Hello DaFish,

                      Thank you for your post.

                      I do not understand what you are trying. Please clarify if you trying to login to an open session of TWS but using a different port? If you are making multiple connections you need multiple ports. So start up TWS and login to the Paper account and then attempt to connect in NinjaTrader to the Paper account (make sure TWS for the live account is not open).
                      Patrick H.NinjaTrader Customer Service


                        Hi, read my post more carefully if you would please. I am using multiple ports.

                        I CANNOT Start the paper account on it's own through NT.

                        I must do the following order and it works.

                        a) Manually start TWS real account.
                        b) Manually start TWS paper account
                        c) Then start the NT - real connection
                        d) Then start the NT - Paper connection

                        Then it works.

                        I CAN do the following:
                        - with nothing but NT running, (no TWS, and only Kinetick real time connection)
                        - Start the NT real account - which will start the TWS and login successfully.

                        I CANNOT do the following:
                        - with nothing but NT running, (no TWS, and only Kinetick real time connection)
                        - I cannot start the NT PAPER account - which will start the TWS and login successfully (even though it is on a different and matching port.).
                        - If I start TWS Paper first manually (TWS running), then I connect NT Paper connection, NT will try to start TWS again - this whole thing will fail.
                        - I cannot start the paper account through NT without doing the steps above.
                        - All ports are correct.
                        Last edited by DaFish; 01-25-2015, 07:12 PM.


                          Hello DaFish,

                          NinjaTrader can connect to multiple different IB accounts that have separate login username and passwords at the same time.

                          To set this up please see the instructions below. In order to do this however, you must manually start TWS multiple times for each account first in the morning, then connect with NinjaTrader since the auto startup functionality does not work with multiple logins.

                          - Manually start TWS from the desktop, if you have two accounts start it up twice with each account logged in.
                          - When platform has started, Click Configure > API Settings > Socket Port > Provide a unique value.
                          - Default is 7496, leave this as is for the first username.
                          - Add 1 to this value to be 7497 on the second account so each account has a unique port value.
                          - In your NinjaTrader connection for this account, match the port with what you specify in TWS for each account connection.
                          - Connect in NT using File > Connect, you will do this twice for both account connections.

                          Note: The Client ID can remain at default setting. Only port needs to be different.
                          Last edited by NinjaTrader_Jason; 01-26-2015, 02:54 AM.
                          JasonNinjaTrader Customer Service


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