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Strategy and IB Friends and Family

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    Strategy and IB Friends and Family

    I run a strategy that puts 4 big buttons on a chart and allows me to click one of those buttons and it it takes me in on a market order on the next reversal bar on the renko chart I'm watching. From my research so far, it seems that its not possible to run this strategy on multiple accounts. I would need to have two of these button strategies up, one for each account that I wanted to trade.

    What if I have an IB friends and advisors account. Can I connect to IB through the advisor master and run this strategy ONCE, so I can still click the button once on one single strategy? Or when NT connects to IB advisor master, does it bring up the sub-accounts and list them separately, thus causing me to have to group them, and thus causing me to have to run the strategy more than once?

    I guess the main question: Does connecting to IB friends and family account show multiple accounts in NT that must be traded separately, or is it one "master" account shown in NT and then IB handles the sub-account order routing?

    I know many questions have been asked like this before, but I'm not sure I got the answer I'm looking for. This is important - either I can run the one strategy by having multiple accounts at IB, or I can't in which case it doesn't matter if I have an IB friends and family account or if I just have separate brokerage accounts all together.
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    Thank you for your post.

    Can you clarify if you are using an Automated Strategy or an ATM Strategy so I may further assist.
    Christopher J.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      This is a strategy I apply to the chart. It enters a sell market or buy market order when the next renko bar closes down or up, respectively. It then uses ninja's ATM, placing 2 stops and 2 targets, then trailing with the stops. The strategy part is just the entry - basically, say the price is retracing up and I want to enter short with the trend, I click the strategies "sell market" button and it waits until a renko bar closes down (back with the trend) to sell at market. When applying this strategy to the chart, I have to select which account it trades on.

      Basically, my question has to do with the sub accounts in an IB Friends and Family account. When I trade two accounts, for example, that are under the advisor in an IB friends and family account, do I have to link these accounts together using Ninja's account grouping? Or do I just trade the advisor master and the order is sent to and distributed by IB to the two sub accounts, thus acting as if I'm only trading one account, and thus making it only necessary to create one of these entry stragies?

      If its the former, meaning I have to group the accounts, I believe that I would have to set up this automated entry system twice, once for each account, so there would be separate strategies for each account. If this is the case, it wouldn't matter if I had IB friends and family accounts, or accounts at different brokerages then and I would gain nothing from having an IB friends and family account. That is the heart of this question.


        jmflukeiii, thanks for the clarifications - you would need to run an instance per individual account here, unfortunately we would not support running a NinjaScript strategy on a group of accounts - I have though added your request to our product management enhancement tracking list (item #1113).

        BertrandNinjaTrader Customer Service


          Great, thank you. I appreciate the help.

          If I trade only using this strategy I have, is it necessary to even create an account group or can I just set up the strategy for each of the accounts?
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