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No real time YM data from eSignal?

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    No real time YM data from eSignal?

    Is anyone else out there using eSignal as a data provider and trading YM with NT using IB as a broker? I've been an NT user since October and had no problems with YM until the recent change in YM, now I get no real time data on a YM chart.

    Here's essentially what has transpired.

    On January 9th I received email notice from eSignal about the impending changes and made the necessary adjustments to my eSignal subscription. Using eSignal charting and the symbol "YM H8" I get real time YM data no problem.

    So on to NT. I first followed "instruction Set 2" on this page
    but I still have no real time YM data in an NT chart.

    I really didn't want to get into the endless support loop that I'm in now so I just traded YM with IB's book trader for the time being hoping that someone else would have solved this issue...

    Fast forward to 1/16/08. I search the forums and am sad to see that no one has mentioned anything like the issues I've been having with YM.

    So I report the issue to NT tech support vi email. They suggested that I try "Instruction Set 1". I did and still have no real time YM data. The tech support person remotely logged in to my machine and I believe re-executed "Instruction Set 1" still no real time data.

    I gave the tech support person my eSignal login information (at his request) for part of Thursday and all of Friday last week (1/17 and 1/18) so they could test. I get an email this morning stating that they tested with my eSignal account and couldn't get any real time YM data. Uh yeah, that's the problem that I reported... This seems to be going no where real fast.

    Help! Someone... anyone...


    Please send another note support again, with the ticket number and referring to this post. I will then have someone follow up on your issue.

    Vince B.NinjaTrader Customer Service


      Thanks Vince. I just received a follow up email. They are going to test some more...


        Very easy, unless you are a recent e-signal subscriber you should have received an e-mail stating that to receive the YM data you must take the cbot floor package exchange,the e-mini YM isn't free anymore.

        Have you tested with IB datafeed only, I don't trade the YM but when I want historical data of it I only connect to IB with my connection settings set as IB for my historical data.

        Also I didn't change anything, it means make sure that ecbot is the exchange selected in the instrument manager for the YM and not cme.

        I hope this will solve your problem.


          Thanks Larry. Yeah that's what I meant by adjustments to my eSignal subscription, now to get YM data from eSignal it costs me $720/year . But that's a whole 'nother topic...

          Also I have tried IB as the only data feed and YM does work as expected. I've had issues with real time data from IB in the past and opted to use eSignal which has worked well for me. Again a whole 'nother topic...

          I just re-read the the email from eSignal. Seems to me that you're exactly right. There is no change required in NT. The eSignal email states,

          "The Chicago Board of Trade has now moved all of the above promotional symbols into their full CBOT real-time data package. In order to continue receiving real-time data for these symbols, you must subscribe to the full CBOT or to our delayed bundle of US Futures (for applicable products)."

          YM is one of the "promotional symbols"...

          Anyway I've relinquished my eSignal account to the NT folks for the time being. Once I get it back I'll try selecting ecbot for YM...

          -- Mike


            So the latest directive was to reset my database (Tools -> Options -> Misc tab -> Click Reset DB). Still no dice.

            As Larry mentioned I set the exchange to ECbot for YM. At least I get data when I do this. However it's still not right. I don't get any previous data. That is if I change from a 3 to a 1 min chart I just get data from that point in time forward.


              Just got a call from the support dude. He logged in to my machine again and from what I can tell did two things. First was to remove an old ZB contract from my default list. And then reset the database again. This did the trick! I suspect it was the second reset of the database that did it.

              Thanks Guys.


                Couldn't believe it, started Ninjatrader this morning and no realtime YM data!?!?!? So I reset the database again and voila. Guess I have to reset the database whenever I start Ninjatrader in order to get real time YM data from eSignal... (I finally understand first hand what my Father meant when he said, "Ain't technology grand...")

                -- Mike


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